Reduce The Risks Involved In Creating Construction Project Management Plan – teaches you to create a construction project management plan simply and quickly, without spending thous…
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Project Management and scope management plan essentials.


From Miami, taking stock of climate risks

From Miami, taking stock of climate risks
The President's Climate Action Plan (PDF) outlined several greenhouse gas-reduction initiatives and established a Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience (PDF) to support communities at the frontlines of climate impacts. Yet an essential …
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A guide into the weird numbers that run our world, describing both financial
The following examples suggest that some extreme events are even “wilder” than predicted by the extrapolation of the power law distributions. They can be termed “outliers” or even better “kings”. According to the definition of the Engineering …
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YouTube's Sexy Sleep Whisperers
Yale University neurologist Steven Novella has compared it to migraine headaches: “We know they exist as a syndrome primarily because many different people report the same constellation of symptoms and natural history,” he writes on his blog, adding …
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Forum: Capitalism about taking risks that create jobs

Forum: Capitalism about taking risks that create jobs
People with ideas who are willing to work extremely hard are able to get capital (money) to start a business. Under capitalism, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money like Steve Jobs did with Apple, but you do not need to be an inventor …
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AODK INC. Architectural Design Firm : My Biggest Mistake
I would rather design a great project for smaller fees than make larger fees on projects that had no value. But, like any startup business, it takes a while to get to a point where you can do what you want. My mistake was taking jobs just to keep money …
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Most Small Businesses Fail. We Need You To Tell Us How To Start One That Succeeds.
America has always been a dynamic place to start a business, and by some measures the last few years have brought the highest rate of new startups in decades. They've also brought historic rates of business failure. Estimates vary, but most analysts …
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