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Downspout operations manager

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Going in for a look.


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become a fan

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Photo for facebook profile.


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Crowd Funding

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Business Planning with Plan-Too

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Building a business plan with Plan-Too business planning cards.


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Digital services in Estonia

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Rasmus Jurkatam


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Crowd sourcing possible future acts for the venue

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Bar customers at the Helium Club in Portland are given a sheet of paper and a pen and asked to circle up to eight acts they’d like to see at the venue.


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Blue Dream In A Misty Morning

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Anafi is a tiny place located close to Santorini, on the southern side of the Aegean Sea. Due to its volcanic background, Anafi island has wild landscape and sandy beaches. Most frequented beaches in Anafi are found on the south of the island and include Kleidisi, Katsouni, Megas Potamos and more. All Anafi beaches are non-organized and accessible by boat or foot. The only village on the island is Chora, constructed on the slopes of a hill. Holidays in Anafi are truly secluded and away from crowds. Source: