MasterCard launches new startup accelerator program

MasterCard launches new startup accelerator program
The program was developed to help identify selected startup companies with innovative commerce solutions that can benefit from MasterCard's help, said Amanda Gioia, a senior business leader with MasterCard Worldwide here. “We are connecting startups …
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Insights from Silicon Valley — A conversation with Barton International Group
Miller: One of the things that hit me while I was there is I think one of the biggest differences about the tech industry in California and the way it's developed over the last 60 years, from pretty much any other industry anywhere ever, it that the …
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The top 10 organic farms near Toronto
Beretta Family Farms has been in business for 20 years providing grass-fed, all-natural and organic beef, chicken, pork and a frozen baby food line called Sweetpea. They butcher, prepare, and ship out all …. The Best Movers in Toronto Usually i dont …
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PointRoll Launches Innovation Roadshow Showing Advertisers How to Make …

PointRoll Launches Innovation Roadshow Showing Advertisers How to Make
… Feedback; Add This; Blog This. LOS ANGELES, CA — (Marketwired) — 05/22/14 — Digital advertisers have a plethora of channels and tactics to help execute even the loftiest creative ideas, including wearable devices, beacons, and facial recognition …
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Cavalier Daily at UVA in 'Critical Financial Condition,' Needs Cash By Summer
As the Cavalier Daily Alumni Association (CDAA) blog College Topics confirms, “The paper's student leadership reports that they will be unable to pay their bills by the end of the summer without immediate financial support. As a result … According to …
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Share Launches Broadcasts on Android and iOS Mobile Apps

PALO ALTO, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2013, the company behind a top messaging network that allows users to communicate across nine of the most popular third-party messaging services, announced today the introduction of Broadcasts on its mobile platforms. The imo Network, first introduced on the web last year and met with positive user feedback, has been redesigned for users on both Android and iOS devices. This update comes on the heels of a recent $ 13 million Series B round led by co-founder and angel investor, Georges Harik, one of Google’s first 10 employees. The funds will be used to rapidly grow the imo Network over the next year.

The new mobile Broadcasts feed, an integral function of the imo Network, creates a channel where users can easily discover people, information, news and topics they care about in an effort to build relationships and spark discussions. Additionally, users now have the ability to upload and share photos directly to the Broadcasts feed. With the Broadcasts feature, users no longer need to search for friends or specific topics as imo ranks content using a proprietary algorithm that identifies users’ interests. It then generates the appropriate connections with like-minded individuals and groups of people based on these interests, location and friends by evaluating behavior and engagement within the imo Network.

“Social discovery is an important feature,” said Ralph Harik, CEO of “We want users to find relevant and useful information, people, news and other content that will make their lives better. imo Broadcasts is a platform to achieve that.”

Always focused on innovation and leading the mobile communications industry, the team at imo quickly adapts to new trends and creates its own by churning out constant updates for its apps and web platform based on users’ needs. As a result, imo has been rapidly expanding its services for both web, mobile and tablet users over the past year. In fact, earlier this year, imo launched completely new UI designs for Android, iPhone and iPad users and introduced high-quality voice calling feature that allow friends and family to stay in touch without sacrificing mobile minutes over a 3G/4G connection or allotted data when connected to Wi-Fi. Additionally, all three platforms now include group sharing and real-time uploading of photos.


imo offers an all-in-one communication and social discovery platform with supported networks including AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Steam, VKontakte and Yahoo. Free on the web, Android, iPhone and iPad, imo has more than 7 million mobile downloads and 750,000 unique daily visitors delivering an average of 50 million messages per day. imo supports both private and group chat with the ability to share multimedia files and photos with groups, send voice and text IMs, conduct quick chat history searches and hold simultaneous sessions allowing users to seamlessly switch between desktop, mobile and tablet devices without losing conversations.

Based in Palo Alto, CA, imo was co-founded and funded by one of the first 10 employees at Google, Georges Harik.


Pricing Engine Launches the First Solution for Small Businesses to Create, Manage and Optimize Online Advertising from a Single Platform

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 15, 2013

Pricing Engine,, today announced the launch of an easy-to-use but powerful platform for online advertising that levels the playing field for small business owners looking to significantly improve the performance of their ad dollars. The Pricing Engine platform is available now for optimizing multichannel search marketing campaigns, with tools for display media, social media advertising and e-commerce coming later this year.

Pricing Engine was founded by CEO Jeremy Kagan, formerly a Vice President with the Global Digital Business of Sony Music Entertainment, and Vice President of Strategy at digital agency Publicis Modem, and Chief Technology Officer Yagmur Coker, former Lead Technologist for The Knot. Kagan, also a long-time adjunct professor of digital marketing at Columbia Business School, recognized the need for a simple tool for the smaller advertiser after years of consulting and agency work with clients of all sizes.

“The vast majority of small business owners are either too busy running their operations to effectively manage their online advertising campaigns, or can’t afford optimization platforms used by the Fortune 500 – or both,” said Kagan. “Because of this, we saw a clear need in the marketplace for a solution that allows small businesses to improve their ad performance in a simple, efficient and unified manner. Pricing Engine gives small business owners a decided edge in terms of their ability to get more sales and leads through digital advertising.”

Pricing Engine is a game-changer for small business owners lacking the time, resources or expertise to improve their search marketing and digital advertising performance. It uses patent-pending, data-based algorithms and predictive analytics to provide recommendations in plain English – not ad tech jargon – on what works, what doesn’t and how to improve.

Pricing Engine’s benchmarks are based on anonymous data crowd-sourced from peer businesses via advertising channels like Google and Microsoft. It compares a business’s ad performance against peers based on a number of user-selected parameters such as type of business, industry, geography and advertising budget. Pricing Engine provides a letter grade of performance in key areas, as well as recommended improvements – including use of keywords and ad copy – and critically, the estimated dollar value of an improvement in terms of sales or leads. Diagnostic tools designed for different business types ensure common mistakes are quickly identified and fixed.

Pricing Engine employs machine learning to refine and improve results. The system gets “smarter” over time based on the volume of data available, and on campaign performance across the various combinations of selection criteria.

During its beta period, the company has signed up hundreds of small business owners who have used the system and suggested enhancements. To accelerate the process, Pricing Engine is working with resellers in a number of industries to reach small businesses. To date it has signed reseller partners with access to more than 500,000 U.S. small business owners and will be rolling out the system with its partners across the country in the coming months.

Now Pricing Engine is being released to the general public, with a powerful yet simple dashboard that allows users to both create and manage search campaigns simultaneously across Google, Yahoo and Bing. Campaigns can be created once and deployed everywhere with changes to improve performance pushed out to all channels at the same time – making management easy and fast.

Over the next few months, enhancements will be added to the Pricing Engine platform for display advertising (Google Display and LiveIntent, among other channels), social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, and others) and e-commerce (Amazon Product Ads and Google Shopping, among other channels).

About Pricing Engine

Pricing Engine is the first solution that provides small business owners access to a single, easy-to-use platform that lets them optimize their investment in online advertising across various channels without being digital media experts or expending resources they don’t have. Its “report card” feature assigns a letter grade on ad performance, based on benchmarking using variables like geography, type of business and budget, and tells users in plain English how they can improve their results. Pricing Engine’s patent-pending, powerful algorithm-based predictive analytics continually refine and improve ad performance. Now available to optimize search advertising campaigns for small businesses, the platform will soon be expanded to include tools for improving display advertising, social media marketing and e-commerce results as well. For more information, visit


JobPage Launches Crowd Sourced Job Service To Help People And Their Communities Find Employment

London (PRWEB UK) 19 March 2013

JobPage ( launches a radical new concept for finding employment that democratises the job search process and connects real people to real jobs.

Breaking away from the hierarchies of company, recruiter and agency – which creates artificial barriers between the job seeker and the person hiring – instead on JobPage, you will find a growing number of everyday people helping others in their community find employment.

JobPage is a social jobs network where its members find inspirational jobs, including apprenticeships, published on company websites and then share them with their friends, family and local community who may be looking for work.

JobPage is a unique jobs service – it does not aggregate jobs, or allow mass postings from agencies – every job you see on JobPage is there because a real person has personally endorsed it to help someone else find a new job.

“People often come across jobs when browsing the web that they know would be perfect for a friend, but for one reason or another they fail to let them know” says JobPage Co-founder Matthew Ogston. ”JobPage makes it quick and easy to share work opportunities with other people, inspiring them to find a job they love.”

JobPage is free to use for both job seekers and businesses – a valuable tool that will help local communities find employment, and help small businesses to grow by finding staff at zero cost.

About JobPage

JobPage helps job seekers find work using the power of crowds and tapping into the human spirit of wanting to help others
JobPage uses social media, heavily used by the “younger digital generation”, who are currently facing the greatest barriers when seeking employment
JobPage supports the current trend in people seeking flexible ways of working, including freelance, job share, apprenticeships, internships, working from home, remote working and also including traditional permanent jobs
It’s a free service for both job seekers and businesses – helping boost employment and stimulate growth in the economy.
JobPage is an unique service, developed by an innovative tech startup based in TechHub in Google’s Campus London building (Silicon Roundabout) in London.

About Matthew Ogston Co-founder

In 2010, Matthew had a successful job working at one of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies but felt something was missing in his work life. He needed a job that inspired him. He subsequently left this job on a journey to find happiness in his work.
After nearly three years of soul searching, he built JobPage to help others in the same position. Through JobPage he found his passion – a passion to inspire others to find the job they love.

For further information, please contact:

Matthew Ogston, Co-founder of JobPage on

matt(at)jobpage(dot)com or

+44 (0)207 193 1910        


JobPage, TechHub @ Campus London, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX – United Kingdom


Toshiba Launches Photovoltaic Couplers in Small-Size SO6 Packages

Toshiba Launches Photovoltaic Couplers in Small-Size SO6 Packages
Toshiba Group brings innovation and imagination to a wide range of businesses: digital products, including LCD TVs, notebook PCs, retail solutions and MFPs; electronic devices, including semiconductors, storage products and materials; industrial and …
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Sam Ash Music collects more than 3K instruments for NYC public schools
The family owned and operated business opened in 1924 with a small store in Brooklyn, N.Y., and now operates more than 45 stores. … Syndicated stories and blog feeds, all rights reserved by the author. … ensure – through an intensive three-day …
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April SAAR to Hit 16.2 Million Vehicles, According to TrueCar; 2014 New
TrueCar's mission is to prove that truth and transparency is a more profitable way of doing business — starting with automotive. Its national network of more than … Inc. — All Rights Reserved. Syndicated stories and blog feeds, all rights reserved …
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Iddiction Launches Clipchat, Ephemeral Messaging 2.0

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Iddiction, a developer of mobile applications, announced today the release of Clipchat™, a whole new way to share photos and videos with your smartphone. With Clipchat, users can share private, 5 second videos or images with friends or followers. Videos or images shared via Clipchat are encrypted and disappear forever after they are viewed.

Clipchat introduces a unique take on ephemeral messaging through a content discovery mechanism called Clipchat Feed™. With Clipchat Feed users can receive a random message from friends or post a random message for friends or followers to discover. Clipchat Feed allows for serendipitous discovery of people and content in a way that’s never been done before.

Clipchat is the simplest, fastest and most secure way to share life’s private moments with the people you care about. Clipchat uses industrial-strength encryption to make sure messages are always safe and secure. And with Clipchat Feed, users can meet new people and develop deeper relationships with existing friends.

“We’re thrilled to be introducing Clipchat today. Life is all about amazing, simple moments that get lost in time. We built a way to share those slices of life with other people, and our proprietary encryption of these messages allows for total peace of mind” said Andrej Nabergoj, founder and CEO of Iddiction, Inc. “Previously people using ephemeral messaging couldn’t be certain that their private content would remain that way after being viewed. With Clipchat, privacy and security is our top priority, so that users can share what they want without the worry.”

Clipchat offers users the following amazing features:

Share 5 second videos or images that disappear forever
A new content discovery mechanism called Clipchat Feed
Industrial-strength encryption to keep your content private
An incredibly elegant design and user experience

Clipchat is available for free on the App Store:

Learn more about Clipchat on the web at, on Twitter at or on Facebook at

About Iddiction

Iddiction, Inc. is focused on creating and enabling new mobile media experiences. The company is backed by Signia Venture Partners, Comcast Ventures, IDG Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, Felicis Ventures, and several angel investors.

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Celebrating the Service Economy in Minneapolis: An Unlikely Partnership Launches a Community into Action

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) March 29, 2013

Local startup Heroic ( teams up with CRAVE Restaurants to celebrate the hardworking service economy in Minneapolis through a campaign called “Who Do You Love?” ( They are seeking recommendations from the public to discover little-known experts, artisans, and local craftsmen. The first 100 participants win a $ 20 gift card to CRAVE restaurants, and one will win one-year of free house cleaning.

Heroic is a newly formed community in the Twin Cities and is a free place for friends and neighbors to share recommendations of local service providers, like painters, carpenters, and mechanics. Who Do You Love is inspired by co-founders Dan Linstroth and Reed Robinson’s discovery of a little-known bike mechanic working out of his basement in Minneapolis named Sam Reinert.

“I discovered Sam through a recommendation from Reed and he blew me away with his service,” says Linstroth. “He’s an absolute expert, provides incredible customer service, and charges a neighborly price.”

By making this connection, the two friends began wondering how many people like Sam exist in the Twin Cities of other crafts. Who Do You Love was born, and they’re seeking word-of-mouth recommendations from the community to uncover more experts, just like Sam.

“These are the hardworking, honest people that make our neighborhoods run,” adds Linstroth. “They are the soul of our local economy and deserve to be recognized.”

Heroic is encouraging people to share by offering a limited number of Gift Cards to CRAVE restaurants and the chance to win one-year of free house cleaning.

“CRAVE was very generous in showing their support for this idea and Happy Earth Cleaning Company, another fantastic service provider, chipped in the incredible cleaning offer,” says Linstroth with excitement. “We’re very grateful for their participation.”    

The Who Do You Love campaign emphasizes the core of Heroic,“which is friends and neighbors sharing good old-fashioned referrals,” says Linstroth. “We want to facilitate this age-old, word-of-mouth behavior online while helping people like Sam get discovered.”

The service provider of the winning recommendation will also win prizes from Heroic. Professional photos and video plus a free premium upgrade on the site are all meant to celebrate the winning expert from the local service economy.

About Heroic

Heroic ( is a free place for friends to share recommendations of favorite service providers. A personal referral from a friend or neighbor is the best source of information. Heroic is also free for service providers and will be incorporating a premium version in the future. The company is currently available in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul market and features service providers in 150 categories, all crowd-sourced and user-verified through personal recommendations. The company was founded by Justin Barrett (CEO), Ethan Otterlei (CTO), Reed Robinson (CPO), and Dan Linstroth (CMO).

Who Do You Love, Video [1:11] –

The Heroic Story, Video [1:08] –

Sam’s Story, Video [2:59] –


QA on Request Launches New Crowdsourced Testing Platform, Enters Wayra

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Montreal startup QA on Request announces that it has launched a new crowdsourced testing platform and entered Wayra, Telefonica’s global accelerator.

Wayra provides selected startups with $ 50,000 in financing, as well as technical and managerial support. The news comes as QA on Request closes the chapter on its six-month participation in Start-Up Chile, a similar initiative funded by the Chilean government.

“Telefonica obviously selects companies with very high growth potential, but specifically companies developing innovative solutions that can cater to its partners in Europe and Latin America” says Simon Papineau, the company’s CEO. “We are very optimistic about the business possibilities resulting of our participation in Wayra.”

Crowdsourced testing: innovation in software testing

QA on Request has recently launched a crowdsourcing platform dedicated to software testing known as the Crowdsourced Testing company.

“Software testing is a pain for developers” explains Papineau, the company’s 29 years old founder. “It is time-consuming, difficult to manage and highly irregular. The industry was in dire need of innovation.”

The young founder certainly knows what he is talking about: at 23, he managed one of Gameloft’s video game development studios in Argentina. He later co-founded we+are interactive, a web and mobile development company known for its work on Radio-Canada’s Android application, SidLee’s website in HTML5 and several award-winning websites such as Du Big Bang au Vivant, based on the documentary with Hubert Reeves.

“Our crowdsourced software testing platform helps developers streamline their quality assurance testing process while expanding the number of devices and operating systems that their products are tested on. It is truly a breath of fresh air in an industry facing many challenges related to software testing due to the growing number of internet-ready devices in the world.”

About QA on Request

Founded in 2011, QA on Request provides quality assurance testing services to web and software development companies. The company was a part of Start-up Chile’s fifth cohort, as well as a finalist in the 2011 Angel Investors Challenge and a recipient of the Young Entrepreneur grant.

For more information about QA on Request and the Crowdsourced Testing company, visit:

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CTNext Launches Entrepreneur Innovation Awards

Rocky Hill, CT (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

CTNext, Connecticut’s innovation ecosystem managed by Connecticut Innovations, today announced the launch of the Entrepreneur Innovation Awards (EIA), a competitive pitch process that provides awards up to $ 10,000 to entrepreneurs in Connecticut for growth-related activities.

Created in the 2011 Jobs Bill as an initiative of Governor Dannel P. Malloy and private-sector leaders, CTNext is a statewide network of entrepreneurs, mentors, service providers and others involved in helping Connecticut’s most promising startups succeed and grow.

To be eligible for the EIA, formerly known as the Voucher Program, startups must be Connecticut-based, registered as CTNext members, and looking to conduct growth-related activities to help advance their business. Project examples include but are not limited to: prototyping, performance testing, compliance testing, IP assessment, product or service development, market research, licensing, and more. A full list of the criteria can be found on the application page.

“We created CTNEXT to invest in our entrepreneurs and innovative startups because we know doing so will attract new business and private investment for the state, lead to the development of cutting-edge products and ideas, and create good paying jobs with good benefits for our residents,” said Governor Malloy. “The Entrepreneur Innovation Awards will allow this community to research, modify, or finalize their work and propel these businesses to the next level.”

To apply, candidates can visit and fill out a short application for EIA, which will be evaluated by an internal committee at Connecticut Innovations. There is a rolling deadline for applications and pitch events will occur monthly at locations throughout Connecticut.

Finalists will be selected and asked to perform a five-minute pitch in front of a panel of expert judges. The judges will consist of company CEOs, mentors, investment professionals and other distinguished members of the entrepreneurial community.

“This is a continued effort to help businesses grow when they are at a pivotal point in the process of scaling their business,” said Claire Leonardi, CEO of Connecticut Innovations. “This grant award program can allow a business to make necessary modifications to a product, help to garner a better understanding of their customer or secure the proper licensing or patents to protect their business ideas.”

The first pitch event will be held on Thursday, Feb. 27, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Bijou Theater (275 Fairfield Ave.) in Bridgeport, Conn. The event is open to the public and guests should register at

“This money can go a long way for entrepreneurs that are interested in executing an activity that will help grow their business,” said Mary Anne Rooke, executive in residence at CTNext. “In addition to the funding, businesses also have the opportunity to improve their business or investor pitch by tapping into the expertise of mentors, executives in residence and growth advisors in the ecosystem.”

About Connecticut Innovations Inc.

Connecticut Innovations (CI) is the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut’s innovative, growing companies. To maximize the growth potential of each business, CI tailors its solutions and often combines its funds with resources from other financial leaders to provide venture capital and strategic support for early-stage technology companies; flexible loans for established companies with new innovations; grants that support innovation and collaboration; and connections to its well-established network of partners and professionals. Through all these initiatives, CI has helped bring $ 4 billion in financing to Connecticut companies. The state’s most active early-stage investor, CI has created more than 26,000 jobs. For more information on CI, please visit

About CTNext:

CTNext is Connecticut’s innovation ecosystem supporting the success of companies and entrepreneurs by providing guidance, resources, and networks to accelerate their growth. The statewide network connects promising companies to mentors, collaborative work spaces, universities, vendors and suppliers, and other like-minded entrepreneurs to help facilitate the growth and scalability of their business. CTNext is staffed with engaging advisors, mentors and entrepreneurs that have demonstrated past success with the development, launch and growth of a business. The network offers seminars, training and other events that help to foster innovation and create jobs for people in Connecticut. CTNext was launched in 2012 and in its first year of operation, the network worked with more than 500 companies and advised more than 300 through its system of growth advisors. To learn more, please visit

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