CRM Technology as a Business Planning Tool

CRM Technology as a Business Planning Tool
A fully integrated CRM system allows companies to break down information silos between departments and develop comprehensive solutions for customers. In short, there is a saying … "As the company evolved into a large, global enterprise, it understood …
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Jive Software Announces First Quarter 2014 Financial Results
"Customers continue to respond favorably to our more refined go-to-market strategy, which targets the highest areas of value add and ROI for social business platforms – portals, social intranets and external communities." … Announced a relationship …
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Expect Technology Changes for Superannuation Funds to Continue Following
And while the Inquiry will be looking at these things on a financial system-wide basis, each one of these elements directly impacts upon the planning processes of all super funds. The considered development of a high-level technology strategy is going …
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