Soul of the City Neighbour Grants strengthening communities

Soul of the City Neighbour Grants strengthening communities
Organizers say the projects will be small-scale and focused on getting people involved in their neighbourhoods and communities. Project ideas include, but are not limited to, building community gardens or playgrounds, hosting street festivals and …
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Real tax reform means starting from scratch
issued last week contained ideas excellent as well as awful, it didn't represent "reform" at all. “Reform” means improvement. News reports should generally avoid that term, except in remarks attributed to advocates. … That would be unfair to purely …
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Civilization Watch: The End of The American Peace
They call it “American Exceptionalism” and think the idea is absurd. Except that America has always been an … So, following the Truman Doctrine, we went to war in Korea, Vietnam and, on a smaller scale, in dozens of other nations, to keep Communist …
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