Solar industry into "resources integration" of the times – solar water heater, solar energ

Integration of resources to give full play to their potential and advantages, exceed and powerful alliances, win-win-win. We do not do play a minor king, to do large group will be, supporting also the star.

2007 years of solar thermal industry can be described as too proud, their prime. Authority, according to industry data show that in 2007 the domestic market sales of solar water heater industry is about 32 billion yuan, an increase of 30%; exports about 65 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 28%. Mainstream brands have gained considerable development, and earned pours.

Throughout the solar thermal industry is not difficult to find, and its structure, resources, unreasonable proportions, so many of our businesses are still struggling to boil with, feel a lot of pressure, swallow this, Youjin nowhere to . This is just as solar thermal industry in 2007 will be the theme of “Opportunities and Challenges” as set forth in perspective, opportunities and challenges before it, the face of challenges and opportunities.

In the national solar thermal industry in 2007 at the annual meeting, Yuan Sheng Jiangsu Solar Energy Co., Ltd.: “To integrate regional resources and strong industrial groups,” the loud slogans.

The move opened a new round of competition in the industry curtain.

Look back to the competitive pattern of household appliances, but also from the thousands of production companies continue to shuffle and resources through integration of only the formation of several major home appliances now divide the pattern of enterprise groups. Solar thermal industry is in as the year on the evolving pattern of household appliances, pioneered the integration of per liter slogan of regional resources, it should be said also predict solar thermal industry bigger and stronger the same time, integration of resources is particularly important.

“Resources integration” is a strategic management concept, specific to the field of solar thermal utilization mainly in:

1, the production structure, integration of resources.

The current structure of production of solar water heater is not quite reasonable, some enterprises have overproduction; some tight production; some companies did not own the core of the productive forces, put together by assembly; and most of the production process and low degree of automation did not high. If we can effectively integrate the production of power resources, reduce duplication, reduce duplication of investment, powerful alliances to concentrate on improving production technology and processes that we must reduce energy consumption, saving production costs, achieve a multiplier effect.

2, the market integration of resources. Some companies specializes in technology research and development; some good manufacturing companies; some good marketing company; some good export enterprises exported. On China’s market, regional differences and differences in consumption is very large, vast, many companies only in certain areas have a higher market share, the company also has outlets in most parts of the country, but the volume is less transportation costs and marketing costs are very high. So, if we can better integrate market resources, not only can reduce the transportation, marketing costs can also reduce the research, manufacturing costs, indeed serve multiple purposes.

3, human resource integration. Determines the strength of human resources business development speed and height. At present, the solar water heater business in general manpower shortage, most enterprises are still in the stage of selling products to survive, simply attend to personnel training, practice altogether necessary, “High airborne” strategy, the result is a “throw good money off soldiers,” the majority . In addition, the business development needs of many professionals to ensure the comprehensive strength of a long-lasting, such as: business strategy, technology, production management, marketing, government public relations, human resources development, and so, we must have flowers, but also green, leaves, the whole enterprise can flourish. Therefore, the integration of human resources is the solar thermal industry more critical issue.

4, service integration. “China Solar Energy Industry News” Top Ten in 2007, the collection of bad events found most consumer disputes the service is not timely, not in place, resulting in disgruntled customers, and through the mass media and have exposure to the industry bring a huge negative impact. We should recognize that, when tens of millions of units per year of solar water heater products are sold all over the country and even around the world, the service has become our top priority was. Of course, the establishment of service system is a big project, we can refer to the appliance’s service model. Therefore, the service team and system integration of resources is the development trend of the future, remember, after-sales service can drive sales.

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