Launches New Smart Lock Comparison Chart

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 01, 2013, a website that offers in-depth smart lock reviews, has just announced the launch of a new smart lock comparison chart. The site is devoted to putting an end to buyer’s remorse, at least when it comes to one techie-gadget in particular—the smart lock.

Wikipedia describes the phenomenon of buyer’s remorse as a sense of regret experienced after making a purchase. Although the feeling is frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car or house, it can also be related to electronics, technical gadgets, and other retail items. According to an article by AARP, the average American experiences some level of regret with about 80 percent of the stuff they purchase within the first year of buying it. is dedicated to solving this problem with smart lock purchases.

Recently, hands free automated smart locks have rapidly increased in popularity. Unikey officially started it all off with their brainchild, the Kwikset Kevo lock. Soon afterward, Lockitron, August, and Goji popped up with their own versions of this remote locking technology.

Smart locks basically allow users to lock or unlock their deadbolt electronically in an automated fashion, by using a smart phone, accessing the website, or by using a key fob or similar remote device. Smart locks not only allow keyless access, but also provide the ability to grant access, or send an electronic key, to an individual without having to go through the trouble of physically handing them a key.

For example, if the in-laws are coming to town, smart lock owners can simply send an electronic key to their phone. The same is true for the plumber who is scheduled to fix that leaky sink—people can just send him or her an electronic key. Users can grant one time access, or schedule an electronic key to expire after a certain amount of time.

So, why would consumers need an entire website devoted to the pros, cons, and explanations of the different smart locks? As the editors of explain, “The average consumer has the ability to research almost every gadget out there. Just by comparing the features of each brand, they can generally determine which one best fits their needs. With smart locks, the scenario is quite a bit different. All of the brands may seem similar upon first glance, but the details reveal huge differences, which will definitely affect consumer satisfaction, and could potentially affect their safety.” has gone, and will continue to go into great lengths to investigate the details of the latest smart lock products, which have taken the gadget world by storm. They lay out the details with insightful articles, as well as the newly-launched easy to read chart, which is the result of weeks of product research and company investigations.

Unique topics covered on this chart include safety, potential for the manufacturer to fail on their production promise, and situations which could leave the consumer wishing they had opted for a different brand.

“Only Unikey has been picked up by a major manufacturer,” the editors of report, in reference to Unikey’s partnership with Kwikset, a leading manufacturer of residential locks, “and at least one of the companies offering a smart lock is a crowd funded start-up, without any real experience with large scale, retail manufacturing. If the consumer has the facts, they can decide for themselves which product is right for them.”

Currently, the brands covered in the chart include Kwikset Kevo powered by Unikey, Lockitron, August, and Goji. The chart is available at


For consumers who are looking to buy a smart lock for their home or business, but don’t know which solution to choose, is their one stop destination for smart lock reviews. It provides a comprehensive comparison chart, features and benefits of the technology, as well as other pertinent information that will help people when making a purchasing decision. For more information, please visit

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