Rand Paul Backer Trades Trash Contacts for Political Cash

Rand Paul Backer Trades Trash Contacts for Political Cash
Recent Morris phone calls have led Paul, 51, to a Guinness-filled happy hour in Silicon Valley with Internet startup founder Garrett Johnson and 40 other techies, and to a quiet lunch at the Fifth Avenue office of New York billionaire-in-waiting and …
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Office Space à la Carte Is on the Menu for Some Entrepreneurs
Some executives at small businesses and startups and solopreneurs are opting for nonbinding, flexible arrangements like drop-in lounges or virtual offices to reduce their overhead costs. Before … Office hop to fit a busy schedule. Attorney Marlon …
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A State At War
These sponsors and spirits of Boko Haram, it is suggested by those who profess to have unmasked them, are able to get away with their treasonous acts because their high stature places them above the reach of Nigerian law and offers them virtual …
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