Robert Lee Goodman – Executive Profile

Here’s a short profile on my background, experience and credentials.

Summary – Who I Am and Why I Think I Can Help Your Company

  • Highly Creative MBA with High Tech, Internet, Real Estate, Executive Management Expertise and Substantial, Diversified Start-Up Consulting Experience.
  • Very unique combination of credentials, expertise, talent and capabilities that include over 30 years of diversified experience with all aspects of creating and managing startup, entrepreneurial and fast growing businesses.
  • Experienced founder, sponsor, general partner and fiduciary of nearly four dozen ventures and partnerships personally raising a total investment of more than $25 million from clients, partners and venture capitalists.Robert Lee Goodman, MBA and Chief ImpleMentor
  • Published author.
  • Owner and CEO of multiple companies and partnerships under the corporate umbrella of Goodman Group, Inc. Businesses range from Internet e-business, computer software, business advisory services, real estate investment, private placement syndication, direct participation securities, property management, commercial real estate brokerage and distressed loan acquisition and collections.
  • Over 15 years of direct real estate investment experience including all aspects of reviewing, analyzing, negotiating, syndicating, buying, managing, refinancing and selling over $100 million of multi-family and commercial real estate. Built one of the real estate divisions of the company into the seventh largest self-storage operation in the nation. Managed over 45,000 rental units.
  • Built software company, from personally designing and writing the first commercial application program, to having more than 50 employees and over a dozen products on the shelves of more than 5,000 retail outlets, nationwide. The software company was spun off as a result of a venture capital infusion in 1988 and taken public with a reverse merger into a public shell.
  • Grew all parts of combined organizations from conception to more than 400 full time employees with over 1,200 investors.
  • Developed and operated multiple business-oriented dot com companies – including Ceo Resource LLC – specializing in cost effectively helping start up organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and new business formations through its Virtual-Exec Service, Virtual-COO Service and Start Up Company

To date, Ceo Resource LLC has already helped well over thousands of CEOs on a 1 on 1 basis at diverse companies in 49 of the 50 states and nearly four dozen countries on six of the seven continents with their business planning, problem solving, dragon slaying, fundraising, mentoring, virtual executive and plan implementation needs.

Robert Lee Goodman: Some Specific Areas of Expertise That Might Help Your Company

In addition to all that was learned from my Engineering Physics and MBA degrees and from the experience received from starting and operating four dozen of my own companies, I’ve also accumulated immense additional experiences, insights, epiphanies and expertise from 16 years working closely with thousands of diverse client companies and entrepreneurs in almost every conceivable industry – learning each company’s detailed, inside moving parts and helping each of them slay their own multitude of dragons.

Some of my specific areas of aggregated expertise include:

  • Start Up Companies Opportunities and Challenges – Idea formulation, concept development, organizational design, action planning, implementation, funding, staffing, marketing and sales.
  • Dragon Slaying – Troubleshooting, problem solving, crisis management, chaos planning, turn around situations and otherwise dealing with the daily dragons that challenge all entrepreneurs when starting, running and growing a company.
  • Virtual Executive – Virtual and interim executive services to help fill the management gaps that occur when starting and growing a company – especially when developing realistic tactical & strategic plans and while serving as Virtual COO to free up the client CEO’s time and energies from daily operations.
  • Fundraising – Guiding companies down the dragon-infested trail toward successful fundraising, including securities law compliance from a business perspective, drafting of offering and subscription documents, offering management, prospect seeking and first-level response. Includes both venture capital and private placement funding from angel investors.
  • Pivotal and Action-Based Brainstorming – Generating insights and epiphanies to get clients past the dragons blocking their path, converting those insights into actionable tasks that will accelerate achievement of their goals.
  • Mentoring – Providing 1:1 mentoring and coaching on an hourly basis to help answer the questions that will get clients past issues that are stopping them from taking the next step with their start up or emerging company.
  • Business Plans and Planning – Developing a genuinely implementable and realistic business model, financial projections and business plan that make financial sense for both entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Action Planning for Implementation – Identifying all the puzzle pieces, showing clients the big picture and helping them assemble the pieces into a realistic action plan for successful implementation. Establishing the W3 – WHO, Is Doing WHAT, WHEN?
  • Investor Relations – Setting up a consistent and securities law compliant contact and communications systems and procedures, generating content, handling investor conflicts and associated securities law issues from a business perspective.
  • Connecting High Tech and Business – Providing the knowledge bridge between hi tech and business by tapping combined knowledge from degree in Engineering Physics and an MBA and additional experience gained from consulting to many hundreds of high tech companies – helping them with the translation of their technology into the language of business – especially for the benefit of prospective investors.
  • Senior-Level Decision Making – Augmenting the missing gaps in the client’s management team’s expertise with a greatly expanded background and experience making successful senior-level decisions.
  • Web Presence – Designing a comprehensive web presence for companies so that they benefit from Web 2.0 and other leading edge online technologies, including audio and video, in a cost-effective manner.
  • Book and Ebook Publishing and Distribution – Helping authors define and implement the action steps required to publish their book or ebook, handle fulfillment, sell on both Amazon and via their own online presence, including implementation of the required e-commerce steps.
  • Content Development – Overseeing web, email and collateral content development to help insure a consistent business image congruent with the client’s overall strategy, tactics and market focus.
  • E-commerce – Helping companies set up shopping carts, credit card processing, autoresponders, automated product delivery and fulfillment.
  • Real Estate – Working with real estate investors and companies reviewing, analyzing, negotiating, syndicating, buying, managing, refinancing and selling income producing properties – including real estate analysis and evaluation, investment analysis and due diligence.

The Special IngredientiStock_000012238354XSmall1-300x300

Having worked with thousands of clients is a key reason you might consider my services for your own venture – it is the special ingredient and major differentiator that gives me tremendous insights that could greatly benefit your company.

In addition to all that I learned from earning my degree in Engineering Physics, my MBA and my post graduate work in Computer Science, I learned volumes more about people and business from starting and operating four dozen of my own companies.

Beyond all of that, I’ve also accumulated even more volumes of immense additional experiences, insights, epiphanies and expertise from 22 years of working closely with thousands of diverse client companies and entrepreneurs in almost every conceivable industry – learning each company’s detailed, inside moving parts and helping each of them slay their own multitude of dragons.

That’s THOUSANDS of companies.

And it’s not just superficial stuff like selling them a copy machine and then walking away. Instead, it is working directly one-on-one with individual CEOs and entrepreneurs – understanding each of their visions and strategies – seeing the inside workings of their companies – crystallizing what may be only a fuzzy business model – developing action-item tactics that fit their strategies – helping them fix what may be broken – redesigning what may not fit – all of it with the goal of accelerating the successful implementation of each of their visions.

(Click Robert Lee Goodman’s Recent Clients for a sampling of client industries and international locations and Testimonials for a long list of performance reviews by past clients.)

One thing I’ve learned is that every company is unique. Their combination of mission, market focus, product and service mix, corporate culture, cash requirements, approach to problem solving, strengths, weaknesses – all of it, and more, help to uniquely define each one.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that most have the same issues and dragons that you may face: cash flow, sales, marketing, personnel issues, raising capital, juggling priorities, managing growth, missing puzzle pieces – and too little time to get it all done.

When you work with two thousand very bright and visionary CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders, you can’t help but learn an immense amount about business from each of them – if you pay attention.

With each new client, I learned more – which helped me compound my knowledge and offer even more insights and epiphanies to my next clients.

Consulting with each of these thousands of companies and their CEOs has worked like compound interest – helping me build on my own knowledge base, my own expertise, so that my services have become even more valuable to each of my new clients.

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”

– Albert Einstein

This compound interest that I’ve earned from “The Thousands” really IS the special and essential ingredient in my services. An ingredient that you simply cannot get in school earning an MBA. An ingredient that you cannot get from just working for a few employers or with a few consulting clients.

How powerful is the compounding effect of just 2,000 clients? Well, if you take a penny and compound it at only 1% two thousand times, your penny becomes almost $4.4 million ($4,393,862 to be precise.) That’s 440 million times what you started with! Now, THAT is a rip roaring ROI!

(Note: The compounding of 1 penny at 1% only gets you to $210 after 1,000 times – so going all the way to 2,000 makes a major impact. The same is true for consultants!)

What if I only learned that same 1% more – from each of those two thousand client companies and high-creative entrepreneurs? Think about how many more volumes of experience, knowledge and wisdom that I’ve gained about start up and emerging companies than I knew before!

Can you see how that Compound Knowledge TM, that aggregate experience and expertise, gives me a special, rare ingredient over my competitors – one that can massively help me help you improve the odds of success for you and your own start up and emerging company?

The good news is that all of this aggregate experience and expertise – including all of the Compound Knowledge that I’ve gained over the past three decades – is now available to you and your company – on a very cost-effective hourly basis.

Experience of Robert Lee Goodman

iStock_000003039589XSmall2-300x186These are a half dozen of my nearly four dozen companies I’ve started. All the experience gained from these, all the dragons that were slayed over these, are some of the reasons that I’ve got the expertise to help you and your company with your needs today.

  • Founder, CEO and Chairman of Ceo Resource LLC, a 22 year-old consulting company exclusively focused on cost-effectively helping start-up organizations, emerging companies, entrepreneurial ventures, non-profits and new business formations slay the dragons that block the path to their success. 1994 – Present.
  • Founder, CEO and Chairman of Goodman Group, Inc., a 30 year-old company specializing in diversified investments, advisory services and management consulting. Areas of investment for Goodman Group have included commercial real estate purchase, management and brokerage of apartments, office buildings, office-warehouse and self-storage facilities. Other areas of investment have included debt-instrument investment and collection; high technology; and securities and syndication — with special emphasis and experience with start up organizations.1978 – Present.
  • Founder, CEO and Chairman of Good Software Corp., a publicly held company that specialized in personal computer software for business applications, distributing its products through thousands of dealers nationwide. Mr. Goodman’s background in computer programming, systems project management and international computer system sales were gained from a variety of positions held at NASA, Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Rockwell International. Mr. Goodman personally developed Good Software’s first commercially available product, Investor III for Real Estate Investment Analysis, which provided the economic and organizational foundation for the Company. 1982 – 1997.
  • Founder, CEO and Chairman of Good Financial Corp., specializing in the analysis, investment, purchase and collection of loans acquired from the FICA, RTC, banks, savings & loans and other lenders. 1990 – 2002.
  • Founder, CEO and Chairman of Goodman Securities, Inc., a direct participation broker-dealer and member of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD) and the Securities Investor Protection Corp. 1982 – 1989.
  • Founder, CEO and Chairman of Good Asset Management, Inc., which provided real estate property management and brokerage of income properties for lenders, government agencies, partnerships, individual and institutional investors including management and operation of over 4 Million square feet and nearly 45,000 units of commercial and residential properties.1980 – 1994.

Education of Robert Lee Goodman

  • Master of Business Administration degree, Presidential & Key Executive Program, Pepperdine University.
  • Post graduate studies, Master of Science, Computer Science, University of Tennessee.
  • Bachelor of Science degree, Engineering Physics, University of Tennessee.

Ready for Action or Still Have Questions?

Do you see ways this diversified background might help you slay your own company’s dragons or for accelerating your implementation and execution of your business plan’ strategy and tactics?

What will it cost you, and your organization, in lost revenues and wasted time, by NOT having this kind of broad, senior-level executive experience and expertise on YOUR team right NOW?

Contact me today to discuss how my mentoring and Virtual Executive Services can help you and your company better succeed.

Best wishes for stellar success,


Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor

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