On-Demand Marketing Re-invents Customer Relationships

On-Demand Marketing Re-invents Customer Relationships
Staying on top of the marketing information stream can be difficult for your customers, but plans for a 'holistic' healthcare network could make relationships easier to manage. 2014 has started the way 2013 ended in the long and painful saga of pharma …
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Businesses should follow social media developments
Twitter as well was first simply about 140 characters to “tell me what you're doing now” and it later grew into a micro-blogging platform where businesses could engage via company accounts and later also with ads. As 2014 gets rolling, … Watch …
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Not everything about Healthcare.gov is bad
While few private-sector projects will ever require as many voices as Healthcare.gov did, we've all been a part of a few endeavors that involved too many parties, whether internal or external, and not enough leadership or planning or communication to …
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