Mayor Coleman's 2014 State Of The City Address

Mayor Coleman's 2014 State Of The City Address
The Convention Facilities Authority is planning a $ 30 million complete renovation that will dramatically improve the look and feel of our Convention Center. A century ago, this was the site of Union Station, which handled as many as 112 railroad …

Natural Disasters and Planning: the Cuban State and Popular Participation
First, you plan. In the Cuban case the plan is covers and is applied at the national, provincial, city/town/hamlet institutions – including the neighborhood. Second, coordination (“conscientious and prepared network of volunteers, disaster responders …
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Turmoil over Telangana
Given the decline in the rupee's external value, the defence budget for the coming financial year is indeed lower than last year's. It is $ 36.2 billion for … But the signing of the agreement is being delayed again and again, presumably because this …
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