Leadership pipeline: HUL, Tata, Vodafone, HCL & others groom internal talent …

Leadership pipeline: HUL, Tata, Vodafone, HCL & others groom internal talent
For a good number of years, organisations across sectors have neglected this process, either due to a poor tradition of succession planning or insecurity in the senior leadership. Nearly a fourth of organisations have filled less than 25% of critical …
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Building a Better Pipeline
Yet somewhat surprisingly, the growing consensus within the C-suite on the importance of succession planning hasn't always resulted in a process that gets positive results — or one that either HR leaders or their bosses are happy with. In the CEB …
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The Real Cost Of The R&D Tax Credit Expiration
No one – least of all the IRS, SEC or investors – likes to see wild volatility in these monthly numbers, which are used to inform everything from quarterly earnings projections to HR planning. Now, imagine trying to reconcile these numbers without …
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TIM Participacoes SA (ADR) (TSU) news: TIM Participacoes S.A. Management
The quality plan was implemented in a war room approach, as I have mentioned at the beginning of the year, and it continues to be a key project for us, while we focus now on the second batch of critical cities for us in improving the quality metrics …
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