Latest Small Business Ideas For 2011 News

Henry Kravis, Still Shaking Wall Street, Steers KKR Into Lending
“After nearly four decades, despite some horrendous losses, the dot-com and subprime crises, and vituperation in the media, the firm seems as bold as ever,” says Erik Gordon, a professor of private equity, business and law at the University of Michigan …
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Three Green Small Business Win National “People & Planet” Award After Being
This is important because local community development lenders are often the lifelines and lifeblood of great small businesses with big ideas, big enthusiasm, but fledgling funding. Without community development lenders and credit unions, many great and …
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Rep. John Szoka: House budget gains wide support
We've also made key investments in the biotech industry, small business support centers, rural economic development and highways. A budget focused on keeping taxes low, investing in economic development and adequately funding education will ensure …
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