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Hospital merger is on the horizon
"I can't thank Denise (O'Hara of human resources) and Dr. (Rick) Guarino enough for their support in helping to carry this through. It has been …. Huggins said officials have already started a collaborative strategic planning process with the …
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HR and talent directors give SaaS a positive appraisal
One of the big selling points for HR/talent directors is that they buy the services directly from SaaS suppliers, meaning the HR team doesn't have to go through a potentially lengthy process of liaising with the IT team to agree on what to buy, then …
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Dispatches from 5468796 Architecture's Table for Twelve | Sydney
As we sat by the harbour-front, toasting to a well overdue occasion and listening to each of their stories, I felt like I was reading a dramatic novel about the resilience and ambition of the human spirit. Speaking with a colourful Australian accent …
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