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Made in Brum: 21 top gadgets that Birmingham gave the world
It all began in the later part of the 18th century when the top intellectuals of the time formed the Lunar Society of Birmingham and met to exchange ideas and build a better world. This new movement to improve society by pushing the boundaries of …
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Remembering my first love
In company with other teenagers we savoured the beauty of my first love. People would gather … It was so much fun. Every school –primary or secondary – had a games master with distinct powers to discharge his duties. Football was the focus of every …
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How Facebook Could Actually Give You Anonymity
Such a partnership may be especially appealing to teenagers, and that's someone Facebook has a particular interest in reaching. With parents hovering around their Facebook accounts, teens have retreated to more private types of sharing, including …
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What 'Silicon Valley' gets right as comedy, and as economics
Specifically, Judge is interested in Richard (Thomas Middleditch), an employee of a Google-like company called Hooli, where business meetings happen on bikes and the CEO thinks of himself as a world-historical figure. Richard goes from inhabitant of a …
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