Introducing: 0 A.D. – Empires Ascendant / IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign

Wildfire Games announces the release of our 14th alpha, Alpha 14 “Naukratis.” – With it, we have launched a brand new IndieG…

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  1. Gufberg
    Gufberg says:

    This honestly looks amazing. Its free and looks better than any other
    classic RTS style game on the market right now.

    Thank you for making this. The music, the setting, the design and the
    gameplay all seems top notch. 

  2. BCDewtrocity
    BCDewtrocity says:

    This looks really fun, reminds me of Age of Empires which is my favorite
    RTS series alongside Starcraft. I hope it succeeds 😀

  3. Erik Johansson
    Erik Johansson says:

    You can wait until a later version when it’s included 🙂 In other words,
    there are no campaigns yet, so there is no way to download them. If/when
    they are included it should just be to download the newest version at that
    time and they’ll be there 🙂

  4. BBlueu2
    BBlueu2 says:

    How is the optimization now? I played the game about a year ago, and it
    lagged very badly. I have a good computer though, so it wasn’t my system.
    I’m just hoping it runs good now so I can give it another try. 


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