Intersect Advisers of Conshohocken proves 'it's who knows you'

Intersect Advisers of Conshohocken proves 'it's who knows you'
Those are areas that are highly regulated and can benefit by from a proactive government relations strategy.” “We know a lot of people and they sometimes overlap,” said Michel. “There's the intersection of business and government that we believe is not …
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Pitney Bowes Names DigitasLBi Its Digital Agency
based company plans to continue restructuring its marketing agency partnerships throughout the year, according to Bill Borrelle, Pitney Bowes' svp of brand strategy and integrated marketing communications. Borrelle, who came on board in October from …
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Workers' Self-Directed Enterprises: A Revolutionary Program
How could self-management be integrated into the revolutionary program? … Faced with the evils of capitalism, radicals are looking for alternatives which do not require the state ownership and bureaucratic planning of the failed “communist” (state …

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