How to Start a Cleaning Business the RIGHT Way

How to Start a Cleaning Business the RIGHT Way Its NOT what you think. Really, this video isnt about logos, business cards, bonding insurance or cleaning chemicals. So, if thats what youre looking for… this isnt the place! But, if you want to hear what it really takes to not only survive but to have a cleaning business thats fast-growing and profitable, youre not going to want to miss this one! In this direct, tell-it -like-it-is video, we give you the answers you NEED to hear – and its probably NOT like anything youve heard on the topic before. So, sit down, buckle-up, and get ready to learn the real deal about starting a janitorial business, thats not just in the game, but in the game – to WIN! Starting a carpet cleaning business will come with the question on pricing your work. Some franchise owners use square footage and non-franchise carpet cleaning business owners use a flat rate. Either way, how you are pricing will determine how the individual customer selects your carpet cleaning service. How to start a carpet cleaning business will be the hardest part of this journey but a journey worth the trip.
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  1. cleangurullc
    cleangurullc says:

    We have an online bidding program and online coaching program to help commercial cleaning contractors – you can learn more about both of these services at We have a free weekly email and video series sharing marketing, selling and profit tips that you may enjoy as well.

  2. MegaBilly007
    MegaBilly007 says:

    hello i was wanting to know if you have a course on how to start a cleaning business and how much money is needed just wanting to do small offices like doctors lawyers ect

  3. cleangurullc
    cleangurullc says:

    Thanks for your kind comments – We have bidding and coaching services to help commercial cleaning contractors, you can learn more about all of our services at We have a free weekly email and video series you may enjoy as well.

  4. AdsHeaven
    AdsHeaven says:

    hi, i like your video and thank you for posting it. i am the owner of a cleaning company. i have many domestic clients, but now i am looking to expand into the commercial side of cleaning, but i dont know how to LAND those clients. as a succssful businessman yourself, would you be kind enough to advise me and be a mentor to me if you can spare some time please?



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