Fundraising Documents – The Complete Sample Investor Documents Package

Wishing you had real sample investor documents to use as guides for all the documents you need to prepare – before romancing your angel or VC money?

  • Needing real life sample business plan and Reg D PPM investor fundraising documents?
  • Wishing you had real documents that are almost always so highly confidential that they are never available as guides for start up companies?
  • Wanting all the 14 real life sample documents that are included with the Funding Foreplay Audio Course – without the audio course?

Then, this is the deal you want.

Fundraising Myth 1

“All you need is a three page summary of your idea to get funding.”


Maybe, before the dot com bust of 2000, this might have worked – sometimes.

Today, you’ve got to convey a well thought out plan that includes a business model that includes a genuinely implementable action plan and offers a realistic opportunity for a home run that includes your USP – unique selling proposition.

And, you need a set of a dozen carefully crafted documents to legally sell your deal.Funding Foreplay Audio Course

Funding Foreplay Audio Course – Only $19.95

Let me get straight to the point.

If you want to raise investor capital, you need to have certain documents in very specific formats in order to have any credibility with prospective investors AND all of these documents MUST be compliant with both state and federal securities laws.

To help mentor my clients and other entrepreneurs, I authored Funding Foreplay: A four module audio training course that is designed to teach start up company CEO’s like you – how to properly prepare and present the dozen documents you must have to successfully romance and seduce angel investors and VC to invest in your company.

I have condensed and distilled down what is required for real life Funding Foreplay – techniques that have taken me three decades to acquire and fine tune with my own real companies and my own real deals.

Funding Foreplay is a one-of-a-kind audio course that includes over five hours of audio and over 390 pages of real life, highly confidential, documents you can use as guides for your own dozen documents.

If you have never successfully raised private placement capital for a start up company, I highly recommend you buy the full Funding Foreplay Audio Course for $19.95.  You can get it here by clicking Funding Foreplay.

If You Can’t Afford $19.95 For Your Start Up Company…

Even though my full Funding Foreplay Audio Course has already helped countless entrepreneurs, I also understand that many who are starting a company can’t seem to afford even a $19.95 price.  That’s why I’ve created a new subset product of just the documents – for only $9.95.

With these Fundraising Documents, you get a dozen real life documents that I used for one of my own companies, PhotoGraphic LLC. Mock up sample documents are one thing…but with real life documents, all congruently integrated with one another, you gain much better clarity from the consistency of seeing one company’s document trail, start to finish.

In addition to these dozen documents, you also receive two Worksheets that will help define your own company’s crucial driving assumptions, strategies and tactics that you will need to cover in your own business plan.

Order The Complete Sample Investor Documents Package Today!

All 14 of these documents will show you the kinds of questions you will need answered for your own start up and the kinds of presentations you will need to rise above the noise level.  These 14 documents will show you what you will need for the flirting, courting, seduction and consummation of your funding.

  1. Comprehensive Business Plan
  2. Reg D Private Placement Memorandum
  3. Prospective Purchaser Questionnaire
  4. Investor Subscription Agreement
  5. PowerPoint – Long Deck
  6. PowerPoint – Short Deck
  7. One Page Summary
  8. Executive Summary
  9. Intro Email Form
  10. Accredited Email Form
  11. Investor Web Site – Landing Page
  12. Investor Web Site – Accredited Investor Pages
  13. Financial Assumptions Worksheet
  14. Business Plan Planning Worksheet

All 14 documents are in Adobe Acrobat format so you can read them on your computer or your smart phone to read during down time or wait time.

Real Life Sample Investor Documents For Your Real Life Start Up

With Funding Foreplay Documents, you will benefit directly from my three decades of personal hands-on experience conceiving, forming, founding, funding and building nearly 4 dozen of my own corporations, joint ventures and partnerships – where I successfully raised over $25 million from more than 1,200 angel investors and VC for my own companies.

With Funding Foreplay Documents, you will benefit directly from my 22 years of helping, on a one-on-one basis, THOUSANDS of diverse companies in 49 of the 50 states and nearly 4 dozen countries on six out of seven continents with their business planning, fundraising and plan implementation. (I am offering a substantial discount for my first client based in South Dakota and Antarctica!)

With Funding Foreplay Documents, you won’t get a bunch of generic, sample documents that were written for a school project or mocked up as quickie examples. What you will get are a dozen real life documents – all for the same single company – so you can see how all the documents relate in real life. And how they were used in real life for real fundraising from angel investors. 

These are real documents with all the details – documents that are almost always so highly confidential that most other start up CEOs never have a chance to see – let alone have as a guide for your own documents. 

How Much Is All This Worth to You?

What is it worth to you to have 14 real life documents, right here – right now, that will guide you in properly developing your own dozen, mission-critical fundraising documents? What’s it worth to you to have these 14 real life documents downloaded and in you possession sometime in the next five minutes?

The good news is that the digitally delivered, documents-only version of Funding Foreplay is only $9.95.

That’s only $9.95 for all dozen fundraising documents and both Worksheets that you can use as integral guides for completing your own dozen documents as part of your own fundraising mission.

Isn’t accelerating your future, and your vision of your new company, worth a total tuition cost of only $9.95?

If you answered Yes, then click

Best wishes for stellar success,


Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor

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PPS: As you can see, Funding Foreplay Documents offers you a no-brainer way to get the guides you need for developing your own dozen documents for funding your company.