Dragon: Immigration is what makes UK 'brilliant'

Dragon: Immigration is what makes UK 'brilliant'
In 1995, after building a successful mobile phone business, he bought the stationary chain Rymans. It has some 230 branches an is worth £40m. He also owns the Robert Dyas homeware chain and a lingerie retailer. He is said to be … He is now promoting …
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BTE: Service Innovation in the Spotlight
It's possible they could get more efficiencies from hardware, but what they really want is a more responsive business, one that can react more quickly to changes in customer requirements and connect the technology to the business.". … "I've been …
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Dear Everyone: Stop Saying Failure Is Necessary for Success
We also hear about spectacular failures—Solyndra, Amp'd, and Color come to mind—and plenty of founders seem to view failure as the cost of doing business, or even as a badge of honor. Last year, Blake Mycoskie, founder and … My recovery plan is …
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Turning Information Chaos Into a Business Asset
But, in reality, it's not that simple, and trying to do so actually increases the potential for information chaos. Mobile and Cloud: These two ideas have become key to our expectations of where we can work, when we can work, with whom we can work and …
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