Develop a plan to connect your business with customers

Develop a plan to connect your business with customers
By (ARA) Within almost every successful business is a well-developed plan for connecting to the customer. This relationship helps build trust between your company and your customers. More often than not, with trust comes more revenue.
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New High-Speed Rail Biz Plan Crashes into Reality
Barreling head-on toward it from the other direction, on April 12 the California High-Speed Rail Authority voted to approve its own revised business plan. The state action leaves only an up-or-down vote from the state Legislature to break ground on a …
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European carriers: Nokia's Lumia smartphone "would be much easier to sell" if
[Updated: February 23, 2010] – Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has no business relationships, affiliations, investments, or other actual/potential conflicts of interest relating to the content posted so far on this blog. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is an …
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