Crowd Funding for Start-Ups: Will Canada Compete?

CATAAlliance — The Social Media paradigm is now extending to the funding of start-up companies, according to Canada’s largest high-tech organization, and Canada is in danger of falling behind the US in enabling small business to access capital. CATA has launched an advocacy Campaign to encourage provincial securities legislators to adopt approaches similar to the HR 2930 US Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act. Tech Entrepreneur, Peter Andrews, CATA Director & Regional Director, Corum Group Ltd., interviewed by CATA CEO, John Reid. For background and full details please view at this URL:
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THE CONTEST! Campaign link: Facebook: Listen the album’s preview on SoundCloud: About the project Hi guys! we are Shide and we’re an indipendent italian rock band! Shide was born in 2001 and from that the line up is changed so many times…as the music genre! The present video is to ask you for something that´s vital to us! We began work on our first release album in August 2009. We´ve worked hard these past two years perfecting the sound to achieve today´s result. There are some samples we´ve embedded for you to listen just for this campaign. We’re finally ready to complete the project, but are in need of procuring additional funding to make it happen. We’ve been working in some great studio in Conversano, BA Italy with top gear, engineers and with the Michael C. Ross consulence (LA engineer producer of world famous artists like Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Carlton and many other). Our album will feature anywhere between 11 and 13 tracks (will be also two cover) of our best songs. We´ve also produced our first video that proved to be a massive amount of work we´re very proud of today. For this we must thank the guys from Basix Communication and all of our friends that gave us an hand. The result it´s amazing. Now we are ready for our official debut but we´re short on resources to print and promote our cd. What we´re asking you is to buy our cd in advance so we can put the money together to have it printed. We will be

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