Creative Catch-Up: SapientNitro's Andy Greenaway

Creative Catch-Up: SapientNitro's Andy Greenaway
Seeing beautiful, compelling ideas killed by clients who either have no taste or no ambition. Proudest moment in your career? Every time I win a pitch is a … Advertising's not an easy business. What's the meanest thing you've heard someone say to …
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Mumbrella live blog: Wednesday, March 26
4.46pm – Hegarty's final point: “The people who succeed in business are the ones who passionately believe in their product.” Sales marketers who just flick between … Argues there are too many bad ideas in marketing. 4.27pm – Hegarty: “too much …
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(SALES) You Need To Get A Bible
It's the first book you should own if you're in the business of advertising. I always … If you're not out there testing it, what you create could roll out a huge disaster or you just keep it on the shelf and never know if it could have been a great …
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