Content Marketing Recap: December 2013

Content Marketing Recap: December 2013
At Brafton, we recognize that an initial stage of skepticism for any content format is too often followed by a period when marketers are hung up on production without really considering the strategy. When this happens, companies might be guilty of …
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2013 in review: Top 5 oddest brand extensions
Brand extensions represent a simple way to infuse products with a built-in marketing base. Some are brilliant, others are complete failures (7-Up soda-flavoured marinade anyone?). Occasionally marketers can't resist the promise of a lucrative licensing …
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Vanessa Drucker: Five surprises for 2014
Every year since 1986, Byron Wien, who was formerly chief US investment strategist at Morgan Stanley, has published a list of 10 market surprises, intended not so much as predictions as an exercise to make readers reflect. According to his rules, these …
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