Lands' End: Growth Strategies, Free Cash Flow, And Short Interest Driving …

Lands' End: Growth Strategies, Free Cash Flow, And Short Interest Driving
The answer to this was found in Mr. Lampert's account from his blog entry stating, "However, in 2011 and 2012 the company stumbled for a variety of reasons that were described in its public filings. …. Such a strategy will diversify the company's …
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Mobilizing Your Content Marketing Strategy
On top of that, Facebook recently announced that of the 30 million small businesses with pages on their network, 19 million have mobile pages. While mobile … Video imagery can be clearer and sharper on mobile tablets compared to desktops making the …
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Online No Medical Exam Life Insurance Plans for Senior Citizens ( announces a new blog post, “What Type of Life Insurance Seniors Should Buy?” Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Email a friend · Repost …
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The key in Small Business Marketing Plan

It’s difficult to make the decision when you have a million suggestions in your mind. For example, I don’t like eating at restaurants where the menu is the size of textbook. Even when I point out what I want, there is always someone else at the table who feels uncomfortable to read every single item on every page and the more they read, the more unsure they become about what they want to order.
When you’re trying to figure out how to market your business, you probably have felt the same way. There are so many ideas and options that you can’t keep track of all of them. Each one leads your thoughts down a different path. The next thing you know, your brain is swirling and you just want to forget the whole thing because it’s too frustrating. But, of course, you know you have to market your business in order to grow and you don’t want to sit back and do nothing…so you again start worrying about what you should do.
Almost everyone wakes up on Monday morning with great intention to do ‘something’ significant that week to improve and grow their business. But the demands of our daily activities keep us from getting that ‘something’ done.
So where do you start? Here are three quick tips…
First, remember your audience and your goal. Are you a local business? Do you rely on customers in your local area to support your company? If you’re selling sandwiches and are generally only going to sell sandwiches to people in your neighborhood, then don’t worry about strategies for national businesses. On the other hand, if you can promote and sell your product or services anywhere in the country, your marketing plan can have a ‘national’ focus. So if you know your geographic focus, stick to it and don’t get distracted by advertising or marketing ideas that aren’t beneficial to you (no matter how slick or cool they seem).
Second, consider your weakness. Do you have a constant flow of traffic but not enough sales? Then focus on ideas to increase your sales rate (not your leads for generating more customer traffic). If on the other hand, almost everyone who walks in your store or visits your website becomes a buying customer, then your focus needs to be generating more traffic because your sales conversion rate is great!
Lastly, don’t feel pressured or obligated to buy into everything that’s being sold. So many times, we sign up for an advertising package simply because there’s a salesperson standing in front of us and we’re really not sure what else to do to promote our business anyway so we go ahead and buy what they’re selling. Educate yourself and know your options. If you have the knowledge and information about marketing alternatives that will help you save money and drive more sales, then you can confidently decide what path you want to take and easily push aside those things that won’t help you.


A Marketing Plan For Small Business

Marketing by definition encompasses many things and the word is often confused with or considered a synonym for, the word advertising. Advertising, like sales or sales training is simply a subsection of marketing. Marketing is the activity and process for creating, communicating, and delivering a product or service that has value for the end user your customer. When completed, your marketing plan will direct sales techniques and provide the process for communicating the values, image and message of your small business. It is used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer, and keep the customer. So where should you begin?

With Market Research, You have to know who the target customer of your business is. Without that, how could you plan advertising or even stock your shelves with the right products? Then as a result of identifying your target customer, analyze your competitive status. For example, if you are going to sell a specific product to a certain customer and another business is currently providing a similar product, what is your competitive advantage that turns the customer to you? Is it price? Better service? Both? How will you effectively communicate that to your prospect?

This research is critical not only before the start of a business, but is necessary to stay on top of that research on a regular basis. Large companies such as Wal-Mart and Costco shop each other on a constant basis. They have people going into each others stores and to record prices and everything else relative to competition. They are then taking that back to the marketing department to determine how to compete and the marketing strategies are then developed.

If your start-up business has either a store or a sales office, marketing includes the first impression youll have on customers. Keep in mind that this is the first thing your customer sees, hears and smells. This includes everything from overall cleanliness, keeping your sidewalks and windows clean and ensuring staff remains professional with language, clothing, etc.

When it comes to your business signage remember the job of a sign is to direct. It needs to catch attention, have a clear message, and has to be thought through in terms of the speed of travel as people pass your sign. If its going to primarily be seen by people driving by, just give them clear points to remember your message. An in-store sign can obviously have more detail.

We started a business years ago selling houses in an area where streets hadnt yet been paved. Before the show homes were built people came to a trailer via a gravel road. Since the trailer was a compromise to start with we were determined to make a good impression when they arrived. So we overspent on signage. We overspent on brochures. We overspent on the pictures and renderings of the houses inside the trailer. They soon forgot that they were in a trailer and started to embrace the product that we were selling. We outsold our competitors with completed show homes by 2 to 1!

Knowing what sets your new business apart from the competition, making sure youll create a great first impression and establishing a clear message are essential to the success of your overall marketing efforts.

The Carefree Group offers start up business guide, sells business start up video detailing proper business procedures for all areas (Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Planning). For more marketing expertise and analogies visit Start Your Own Business.


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Small Business Marketing Solutions

When it comes to marketing your home or small business it is essential that you put forward a strong marketing plan that is capable of gaining the most clients without emptying out the piggy bank. In this article we will explore a variety of advertising methods that have been traditionally used and introduce car name plates the innovative small business marketing solution.

Typically people with a small business will use the two most popular forms of advertising which has traditionally has been the use of television and radio ads. Unfortunately as these two marketing methods have grown in popularity the cost of using this type of media has dramatically increased over the years which has shut the door to small business owners. One of the major problems with television and radio ad campaigns is that they only deliver when the actual ad is heard or seen.

In recent years the use of the Internet to market a small business has grown to an extremely high level and if used properly can send your small business marketing plan through the roof in terms of effectiveness. Now Internet marketing can be broken down into two main categories which is the use of a website and the use of cost per click ads with the most notable being Google Adwords. These two types of Internet ads do run together with Google Adwords bringing your customers to your website where hopefully they will purchase your product or services. Google Adwords can be very expensive with the cost per click as high as five dollars per ad clicked. Having your own website is a lot cheaper than most believe with the purchase of a domain name running around ten dollars per year and hosting fees around seven dollars per month.

Again though people need to actually visit your website in order for your small business marketing plan to work.

Car Name Plates were designed with the small business owner in mind with a classy way to promote their website or message with an extremely low cost especially compared to other typical forms of advertising. Car Name Plates is a custom made plate that fixes to the back of your vehicle and continues to advertise for years to come. Now when you are trying to get local business this is surely the ticket for your Car Name Plates will advertise every time your vehicle is on the road or sitting in the grocery story parking lot. Now whether you decide to advertise your website or your contact image it is pretty easy to see why this method is a favorite when it comes to small business marketing. Car Name Plates have been the small business marketing solution for owners across the globe for they are cost effective and consumer friendly.

There are a wide variety of ways to promote your small business and it all depends on your budget and the risk you are willing to take. With media ads the potential is high but so is the price tag. Advertising online is an effective marketing solution but when dealing with Google Adwords you need to know what you are doing or it will cost you a pretty penny. The combination of a simple website and the use of Car Name Plates is the ultimate small business marketing solution in my opinion that has been proven to work time and time again.

To learn more about Small Business Marketing and the power of Car Name Plates drop on by to learn more.

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