MasterCard launches new startup accelerator program

MasterCard launches new startup accelerator program
The program was developed to help identify selected startup companies with innovative commerce solutions that can benefit from MasterCard's help, said Amanda Gioia, a senior business leader with MasterCard Worldwide here. “We are connecting startups …
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Insights from Silicon Valley — A conversation with Barton International Group
Miller: One of the things that hit me while I was there is I think one of the biggest differences about the tech industry in California and the way it's developed over the last 60 years, from pretty much any other industry anywhere ever, it that the …
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The top 10 organic farms near Toronto
Beretta Family Farms has been in business for 20 years providing grass-fed, all-natural and organic beef, chicken, pork and a frozen baby food line called Sweetpea. They butcher, prepare, and ship out all …. The Best Movers in Toronto Usually i dont …
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Are You Dealing With A Real Expert Or A Fake? 7 Ways To Tell

Are You Dealing With A Real Expert Or A Fake? 7 Ways To Tell
In the past few years since launching this Forbes blog and my own, I've found myself immersed in a world of “experts” and information “gurus” – individuals who have worked tirelessly and often selflessly in an effort to master a particular field or …
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When 'Going Lean' Goes Wrong
In recent years, the “Lean Startup” movement, championed by Eric Ries, has really caught on. This philosophy encourages companies to find winning ideas through efficient cycles of building, measuring and learning, which has led to the widespread …
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New Leaf Ventures invests M in electronic health records startup QPID
QPID Health, an electronic health records spinout from Massachusetts General Hospital, has received a $ 12.3 million investment from New Leaf Venture Partners. Launched last February, the Boston-based startup completed it's Series A funding in March …
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Crowdfunding 2.0 – You Can Now Micro Invest in Local Startups

Crowdfunding 2.0 – You Can Now Micro Invest in Local Startups
Crowdfunding 2.0 – You Can Now Micro Invest in Local Startups. Published on April 21, … This means Canadian entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to fund their new product ideas and business through two crowdfunding models which include: Model 1: …
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Michal Tsur is without a doubt one of the inspirational trail blazers of today's tech world, embodying the ideals of Israeli innovation (that have earned Israel its nickname as the 'Startup Nation') in more than one highly successful business endeavor …
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Top US Entreprenuer Hassan To Share Vital Business Tips In Zim
Hassan will serve as a speaker and mentor during the workshop, which is expected to bring together developers, designers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups. Writing on his …
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World's First International Property Crowdfunding Site

World's First International Property Crowdfunding Site
Founder Jonathan DeCarteret whose previous start-up was the UK's 60th fastest-growing company (Post-Switch) is joined by Graeme Dornan, with experience in over £1.5bn property transactions, a Banker specialising in derivative funds and alternative …
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How can startups deal with that other F word: failure
Just last week, chief executive officer Jason Goldberg wrote a blog post about the difficulties of turning around his once fast-growing e-commerce startup, which had to cut half its staff as it pivoted away from flash sales toward a broader e …
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What no one says about startups and venture capital in Boston
At cocktail parties and in the hallways at conferences, people who toil in the trenches of the startup world will speak much more honestly about their experiences than they will in a blog post — or in print — with their name attached to it. So I sent …
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1 Million Cups comes full circle on two-year anniversary

1 Million Cups comes full circle on two-year anniversary
In addition to startup founders sharing how 1 Million Cups further propelled their businesses from two years ago, creators of the program itself reflected on Kansas City's heritage. "If you look back historically at the people who've shaped Kansas City …
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Pampering Your Tastebuds with Worthy Beef Jerky
What was previously a temporary small side business became an extremely promising startup with a team of 10 members (including Alex himself) that manage the company we now know as “Worthy Jerky.” When putting together the team, Alex identified that …
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At Brandeis, Students Learn to Build a Startup in Three Days
“This is turning the business school into a pressure cooker for entrepreneurial ideas,” said professor Ben Gomes-Casseres, who teaches international business at Brandeis and is one of several mentors who oversee the three-day hackathon. “They work …
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Get Distribution or Die Trying
Obviously, this makes a lot more sense in a business-to-business sense but it can also work in a consumer play under the right circumstances. Partnerships for distribution should revolve … This is actually more important than you think as a lot of …
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Latest Business Startup Ideas,Blog News

Aging in Place Technology Startup Featured on Bay Area's ABC TV News
Syndicated stories and blog feeds, all rights reserved by the author. Related; Print; Email; Feedback; Add This; Blog This … Is Your Business 100% Ready for the New Era of Cloud Computing and Big Data? The Only Enterprise IT Event in 2013 Covering …
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Telefónica Acquires Startup eyeOS, Entering the Cloud Competition for Business
"The acquisition of eyeOS demonstrates the willingness of a large company like Telefónica to work with start-ups, highlighting its openness to innovation and its ability to seek talent and the best ideas outside of its own structure" said Pau Garcia …
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Venture Capital Jury Names Winner Out of 30
Sponsors included the Venture Magazin, Shortcut Ventures, Neuhaus Partners, Deutsche Startups, seedmatch, the Business Angel Network Germany (BAND), Gruenderszene, Agence, Visionary, Fraunhofer Venture and many more. Every start-up had 10 minutes to …
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Business Startup Support

Launching a new business can be a lonely journey and if you have a lack of support in your household, it can feel even lonelier. I’ve seen a greater number of brand new small business owners, who feel as though they are all on their own, even though they have a family and are in partnered relationship. Even if you are not presently in a personal partnership you may feel the need to seek relationship support from close friends and family members. In either case you may be been surprised by what appears to be the lack of unconditional support.

The key to a successful startup may be in lining up your support and solidifying a structure of support before your small business launch. It’s challenging enough to fight the many battles of entrepreneurship. Thus it can be completely draining to come home to your sanctuary and have to further defend your business to those who care about you.

If you need relationship help now, you’ll still need it while building your business but then there will even more pressure on all fronts. Everyone is familiar with a couple that tried to solve their relationship problems by having a baby. Did it work for the couple you knew? No? Then why would birthing a new business improve your relationships?

If you have weak personal relationships that drain your energy, then your focus will be lacking. Without a strong focus, your decision-making, personal productivity and inspired actions will all suffer.

What can you do? Talk about the challenges pre-startup and ask for the support of those who love you. Be very specific in asking for that support by making agreements.

Relationships are built on agreements kept.

For an agreement to be kept it must serve all parties, be clear understood by all and be written down for clarity.

If you don’t have strong spousal support or unconditional support in your close relationships, you first need to understand them from their perspective.

When a life partner cautiously advises you not to venture out on your own, they are not questioning your ability or resolve to succeed.

They are only speaking from the perspective of their own fears.

They could fear having less time with you. Your initiative could be forcing them to face their own fears of success, of failure or of never being authentically fulfilled in their work. And of course they could be thinking about having less money and how that affects the household budget.

Good personal relationships are essential to making good business decisions. If you are fighting battles both at home and in the marketplace, you will lose on both fronts.

If you’re considering starting a small business, first repair or end non-supportive relationships.

Make agreements that serve you both and honor them.

Contact StartUp Coach Tom Volkar to make the successful leap to the freedom of self-employment. Go to or his blog for a FREE Email Course Project Blast Off. The world awaits your unique business and Tom is inspired to guide you to a successful launch.


For male entrepreneurs, looks do matter

For male entrepreneurs, looks do matter
First, however, they looked at three real-world pitch competitions over the course of three years, in which angel investors judged entrepreneurs' business plans and awarded the most promising ones startup capital. Men were 60 percent more likely … It …

Smart Ventures, Inc. Signs Agreement With Low Carb High, Inc. A Colorado
We assist our partners with startup cost such as licensing fees and initial equipment/inventory cost associated with starting a business in legalized States. … Syndicated stories and blog feeds, all rights reserved by the author. … 2014 – is to …
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The Rise And Future Of The New York Startup Ecosystem

The Rise And Future Of The New York Startup Ecosystem
… and National Venture Capital Association reports (the sources of almost all articles and blog posts on venture investment levels), which show New York continuing to trail Massachusetts and New England more broadly as the third-largest startup …
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Never too early: TiE Oregon launches high school startup bootcamp
Starting Friday evening at Catlin Gabel's campus, students from Catlin Gabel's Upper School, Lincoln High School and Oregon Episcopal School will participate in Startup Camp. Similar to Startup Weekend, participants will pitch ideas to the group, teams …
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Has SXSW lost its magic? Rackspace execs say no
Once you're all the rage, the clamoring to take away your hipster card begins. Such is the case with South By Southwest (SXSW), Austin's annual music, film and interactive conference, which started in 1987 with 700 registrants and kicks off this week …
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Latest Business Startup Ideas,Blog News

EnerNOC backs San Francisco energy software startup
EnerNOC said Wednesday it has led a Series A funding round for Genability, a San Francisco-based company whose software aims to maximize energy savings. The size of the funding round was not disclosed by Boston-based EnerNOC (Nasdaq: ENOC).
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Disney seeks next big idea with start-up 'accelerator'
Disney is now taking applications for what it's calling the Disney Accelerator, a program aimed at start-ups with transformative ideas in media and entertainment. Ten start-up companies will be selected – and given 120 thousand dollars in capital …
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Just Ahead, Your Next Office
His entree was the Coworking Visa, one of a growing number of programs that help business travelers who are members of a co-working space gain access to others when they are on the road. “It's a simple idea,” said Jacob Sayles, co-founder of Office …
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