Bitcoin Value Tops $1000 Again on Zynga Adoption

Bitcoin Value Tops 00 Again on Zynga Adoption
The price of increasingly popular virtual currency bitcoin has crossed $ 1,000 (£609, €736) mark again as popular businesses announced that they will accept the cryptocurrency for payments. Bitcoin is currently trading at close to $ 1,038 on MTGox, one …
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World's Second Bitcoin ATM to be Installed in Hong Kong as Taiwan Blocks
Hong Kong beat off stiff competition from New York and Singapore, Kelley noted, adding that he is looking at different locations in Hong Kong to install the machine. "It removes a whole barrier of entry for the masses. Our goal is to make buying and …
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The NY Times: Against the Minimum Wage Before It Was For It
“There's a virtual consensus among economists that the minimum wage is an idea whose time has passed,” it said. “Raise the legal minimum price of labor above the productivity of the least skilled workers and few will be hired,” it correctly observed.
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Stockman Enters Legal Grey Area With Bitcoin Donations
Steve Stockman, a Friendswood Republican with a history of flouting campaign finance laws, entered a new legal gray area this week when he announced his campaign can now accept donations in Bitcoin, a private virtual currency. Stockman, who is …
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