Are You Dealing With A Real Expert Or A Fake? 7 Ways To Tell

Are You Dealing With A Real Expert Or A Fake? 7 Ways To Tell
In the past few years since launching this Forbes blog and my own, I've found myself immersed in a world of “experts” and information “gurus” – individuals who have worked tirelessly and often selflessly in an effort to master a particular field or …
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When 'Going Lean' Goes Wrong
In recent years, the “Lean Startup” movement, championed by Eric Ries, has really caught on. This philosophy encourages companies to find winning ideas through efficient cycles of building, measuring and learning, which has led to the widespread …
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New Leaf Ventures invests M in electronic health records startup QPID
QPID Health, an electronic health records spinout from Massachusetts General Hospital, has received a $ 12.3 million investment from New Leaf Venture Partners. Launched last February, the Boston-based startup completed it's Series A funding in March …
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