What I Do

  • I help startups start and stay started.
  • With my Funding Foreplay Service, I help make sure that startup companies are ready for prime time before they start romancing investors.
  • With my Deviled Details Service, I help my clients with realistic creation and hands-on implementation of strategic and tactical action plans for startup and emerging companies.
  • With my Virtual Exec Service, I often serve as an interim or part time Consultant / Virtual CEO / Virtual COO / Virtual Executive for startup companies.
  • In my spare time, I am a best selling author.

Who I Help

I help entrepreneurs and startup companies identify the best path to get from their current Point A to their vision’s Point B while helping them avoid or slay many of the lethal dragons that get in the way of success.

Who I Am

I’m Robert Lee Goodman and I appreciate you taking time to visit my site.

My full professional credentials, experience and background can be see by clicking Profile.  Beyond that, let me share a little more about myself.

I started my company at age 29 immediately after getting my MBA from Pepperdine University while working for Rockwell Collins in Dallas.  My Master’s thesis was a five year business plan for starting and running a real estate investment company.  In spite of my naive driving assumptions, I was able to exceed my Year 5 revenue and profit targets in less than two years – and I still have the same company, along with several others, over three decades later.

In 1994 I sold my real estate subsidiaries and, instead of having hundreds of employees working for me, started my full time army-of-one consulting company that remains focused on helping other startup companies succeed – and helping guide them past many of the major stumbling blocks that proved lethal problems for so many.

Since then, I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and their companies.  The combination of my own three decades of experience running my own multiple companies and my experience from working with so many other companies produced a level of Compound Knowledge that continues to make me smarter with each new client – and even better prepared to help all of my current and future clients every month.

By intent, my entire consulting practice is based online.

This gives me the time and geographic independence that I highly value – which, in turn, allows my wife and I to live wherever we want.  The time independence gives us more time for family, friends and community.

We have three kids:  One is a doctor (anesthesiologist) and Captain in the United States Army working at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda Maryland… one is an attorney with the State of Virginia…and one is pursuing his degree in Cyber Security at the University of Texas in Dallas.

In addition to consulting with a dozen or more clients each month, I am also a published author with several #1 Amazon bestsellers to my credit.

I love what I do – working with highly creative and visionary entrepreneurs and helping them succeed.  Right now, I can’t imagine ever retiring and giving up this rewarding and gratifying calling!

All the best,


PS:  I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss how we can best work together! Just click Contact Me now!