I Help Startups Start and Stay Started

Dear Friend and Fellow Entrepreneur,

What kind of expertise and experience could MOST help you and your company, right now, to get past the major impediments blocking your path and help you to genuinely accelerate the successful implementation of your vision?

I’m Robert Lee Goodman, Ceo and Chief ImpleMentor at Ceo Resource LLC, and I might be able to help.

For the past 21 years, I have focused solely on helping startup and emerging companies with their business planning, fundraising, implementation and mentoring of the CEO and other senior executives.

I invite you to take a look at my services I offer here in how my special compound interest and how my special “Compound Interest” might benefit you.

Key Services I Provide My Clients Include:

:::: Hourly Consulting / Virtual Executive Service – ranges from $75 per hour to $175 per hour, depending upon the number of hours needed and the duration of the engagement. (This is often the ideal starting point, and can be the lowest cost, if you need additional part-time, interim senior-level help – or especially if you need multiple à la carte services such as action planning, sales and marketing planning, business planning and/or fundraising help.)

:::: Strategy, Tactics and Action Planning – ranges from $2,495 and up depending on the needs and complexity of your business. This is the usual, best à la carte starting point for most startup companies so that you know where you’re going before you enthusiastically start down the wrong path. (Do you know the best realistic strategies and tactics for genuine, believable implementation that will accelerate your journey to your Point B – and convince investors that you have a cost-effective and achievable execution plan once you get their money?)

:::: Sales and Marketing Planning Services – ranges from $350 to $1,995 with all services focused on answering 200+ pivotal questions about your marketing and sales strategies, pricing and tactics for your specific products and services, how to identify your market niche and micro niche, your strategy and tactics for rising above the noise level, what you’re going to do to grab your prospective customers’ attention and exactly how you intend to motivate them to pull the trigger and actually buy your products and services. (Since “everything starts with a sale” virtually all startup companies need this – before they’re ready to start a business plan.)

Robert Lee Goodman, MBA and Chief ImpleMentor

:::: Business Plans / Financial Projections – ranges from $595 to $1,995. (Hint: Lack of realistic, genuinely implementable financials is a key reason for startup and funding failure. If you’re driving assumptions are wrong, your projections are wrong. Find out my straight forward solution for quickly and easily destroying many of the usual planning road blocks – and minimizing both dead end trails and “analysis paralysis.”)

:::: Fundraising – ranges from a low of $75 per hour to $175 per hour depending upon the number of hours needed and the duration of the engagement. My PPM Service is priced at $2,495 and my turnkey Fundraising Service is priced at only $9,750 for the first three months. (We want to make sure you are complying with both state and federal securities laws while properly motivating investors to stroke the check! Please note that I do not offer contingent fundraising services since it, and my receipt of “success fees,” are violations of state and federal securities laws.)

The details and the deliverables for each of these services are transparently described when you click Startup Company Services and Prices.  This document also includes dozens of testimonials from my prior clients. Additionally, you can find out more about my cost-effective reduced rates by clicking Virtual Executive Services.

My Compound Knowledge And What It Means to You

One main reason you should hire me to help you and your company is because of my unique “Compound Knowledge” about startup companies that can directly benefit you and your company right now.

During the past two decades, I’ve already directly helped THOUSANDS of diverse startup companies and their CEOs, in 49 of the 50 states, in nearly four dozen countries, on six of the seven continents.

I’ve helped these companies, in more than 150 different industries, with their strategy and tactics, action planning, business planning, problem solving, fundraising and plan implementation.

All of this has also added to my own Compound Knowledge about startup companies.

Compound Knowledge is like compound interest: the more relevant experiences, data and skill sets that you add to your bank of principle knowledge, the more you know and the more your Compound Knowledge account grows.

I’ve also learned that the greater your level of Compound Knowledge, the more “dots you can connect” in quickly solving problems and tapping opportunities!

In addition to all that I learned from earning my Engineering Physics and MBA degrees, I gained volumes more Compound Knowledge about people, business, customers and startups from starting and operating four dozen of my own companies during the 15 years prior to starting my consulting company over two decades ago.

This included successfully raising $25 million from 1,200 angel investors and venture capitalists for my own companies – and included taking my software company public.

Just as important, I’m grateful to have accumulated volumes of additional Compound Knowledge on startups from the extensive additional experiences, insights, epiphanies and expertise that I’ve gained over the past two dozen years from working closely with thousands of diverse client companies, CEOs and entrepreneurs in almost every conceivable industry – learning each company’s detailed, inside moving parts and helping each of them slay their own multitude of dragons that were blocking their path to success.

This additional Compound Knowledge comes from my working directly, one-on-one, with thousands of very bright, visionary CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders.

It comes from understanding each of their visions – seeing the inside, unfiltered workings of their companies – crystallizing what may be only a fuzzy business model – developing action-item tactics that truly fit their strategies – helping them fix what may be broken – redesigning what may not fit – learning what worked and what didn’t work – all of it with the goal of accelerating the successful implementation of each of their visions.

Even though each company is unique, many have the same issues and dragons that you may face: cash flow, sales, marketing, personnel issues, raising capital, juggling priorities, managing growth, missing puzzle pieces – and too little time to get it all done.

This Compound Knowledge on startup companies that I’ve earned from the combination of my degrees, my own four dozen companies and those thousands of past client companies really IS the special and essential ingredient in my services that I am offering you.

My extensive Compound Knowledge base is not something that you simply get in school earning an MBA – or from just working for a few employers or even working with a few hundred consulting clients.

The good news is that all of my aggregate experience and expertise – including all of the Compound Knowledge on startup companies that I’ve gained over the past 35 years – is available to you and your company – on a very cost-effective basis.

Isn’t this the kind of expertise that you and your company need right now?

If you’re ready to take the next step, let’s get started!

If you are faced with immediate needs or opportunities, I invite you to use the Contact Us tab to let me know how I can best help you and your start up and emerging company.

All the best,


Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor
Ceo Resource LLC

PS: Free 20 Minute Introductory Telephone or Skype Call

If you’re interested in my services, I would be delighted to schedule a 20 minute introductory telephone or Skype call at no charge.

That way I can find out more about you, your company – and maybe brainstorm a few quick questions or concerns you may have concerning your company or suggest a few new ideas or approaches that might benefit you – and discuss how I might best help you reach your current Point B as quickly as possible.

The way that my process works is that the first 20 minutes of the introductory call are free. At that point, we can stop for no charge.

Or, we can continue on an immediate follow-up phone call after the payment of at least a one hour consulting fee at my standard rate of $175 per hour is made. (You’re welcome to pay for additional hours at the same time if you wish.)

That way, you receive 80 minutes of consultation for the price of 60 minutes.

If you prefer, you can prepay the hour of consulting prior to our first phone call. That way, our conversation and brainstorming are not interrupted. You can make a payment at my website by clicking Payment.

Sound fair?

If so, click here and let me know and we can schedule the time.

Speak soon!

Note: All prices and terms are subject to change and to my time availability. 

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