What is Crowd Funding?

http://www.arielpublicity.com Ariel Hyatt talks to Brian Meece the founder of RocketHub about the benefits of Crowd Funding / Fan Funding for musicians. Find…

http://nextlevelxfunding.com/go Nextlevelx – More information about funding your wallet for Next Level X… http://nextlevelxfunding.com/go https://www.faceb…
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  1. Jessica Paige
    Jessica Paige says:

    Well he is from Rockethub and since it is a segment about crowdfunding in
    general so he can’t do a big sell, which I appreciate. I got to 7,800
    pounds on Slice the Pie recently – an investment crowdfunding site.
    Interesting to know about some alternatives, look forward to next
    instalment. Thanks Ariel!

  2. JKSpiero
    JKSpiero says:

    ( aka Ken Manning) HEY, BRIAN!! ‘Bout time I found some work of yours on
    YouTube! Question: have you given any thought to releasing THE SPIN or
    SHARKMAN in segments on YT? Bet they’d go viral. 🙂

  3. indiefmandsw
    indiefmandsw says:

    Interesting, but the guy from rockethub seems too cool for school. You both
    look uncomfortable. You should get someone to speak on crowd funding here
    who gives a crap. Just my opinion


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