“How To Get Senior-Level Virtual Executive Help Now When Your Budget Won’t Cover A Full Time Person.”

My Elevator Pitch: “I Help Startup Companies Plan, Strategist, Fund And Implement Their Vision By Becoming A Virtual, Part-Time, Interim Executive Of Their Company.”

Here’s how to get the essential expertise you need – before it’s too late.

What are the essential missing skill sets in your company?


Way too often, a startup CEO has to wear all of these hats – whether or not they have all of the skill sets for these very diverse areas.

What would you do differently if you had the right kind of affordable senior level exec, with the right expertise you need most, on board with your company before the end of this week?

How much more could your company accomplish, how much more could your company generate in revenues, how much could your company save from reduced costs, if you had roll-up-your sleeves weekly help from a senior-level Virtual Exec who had the relevant experience and wisdom you need right here, right now?

My Virtual Executive Service offers a cost-effective solution by letting you delegate some of these “hats” to me on a part-time basis so you can focus your strengths on other areas of the company that are critical for your success.

Here’s Just A Few Ways That My Virtual Exec Services Has Helped Other Clients:

  • Serving as an interim CEO, COO or other senior-level executive due to termination, resignation, illness, death or other unforeseen circumstance.
  • Providing specialized management expertise that is not readily available with your current staff.
  • Producing a comprehensive business plan and action plan for genuinely realistic implementation.
  • Helping with your startup company – when so many hats have to be worn by so few folks.
  • Providing mission critical fund raising of investor capital when you don’t have the experienced talent who even understand all the different components required for that daunting task.
  • Producing insightful and experienced financial modeling of your company’s future for your business plan – to confirm your new business idea makes economic sense.
  • Serving as a temporary Virtual CEO, COO or other senior executive for a startup company – to help you find the right, permanent management team – and get them up speed.
  • Cost-effectively providing you with more senior-level help than you can afford on a full time basis.
  • Providing CEO business coaching – from quick brainstorming to detailed tactical and strategic long term planning – and most things in between.
  • Guiding, with executive mentoring, newly hired or newly promoted executives who may be missing key skill sets.
  • Helping to immediately deal with overwhelming problems or time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Providing you with a business check-up to review your current business approach, focus, management team, tactics and strategies.
  • Serving as a Board of Advisors member who has personally already done a lot things as a CEO that you are probably wanting to do as a CEO.
  • Helping you accelerate implementation of your ideas and concepts – before they go stale or before your competition beats you to the marketplace.

…if one or more of these are a current challenge to your organization…you are about to learn how there is an affordable resource available to immediately help you.

What Would It Be Worth To You And Your Company To Have A Virtual Executive?

If you had immediate, cost-effective access today to someone with all of the following areas of proven expertise and wisdom, what could it mean to you and your company right now?

  • Start Up Companies – Opportunities and Challenges – Idea formulation, concept development, organizational design, action planning, implementation, funding, staffing, marketing and sales.
  • Action Planning for Implementation – Identifying all the puzzle pieces, showing clients the big picture and helping them assemble the pieces into a realistic action plan for successful implementation. Establishing the W3WHO, Is Doing WHAT, WHEN?
  • Business Plans and Planning – Developing a genuinely implementable and realistic business model, financial projections and business plan that make financial sense for both entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Senior-Level Decision Making – Augmenting the missing gaps in the client’s management team’s expertise with a greatly expanded background and experience making successful senior-level decisions.
  • Fundraising – Guiding companies down the dragon-infested trail toward successful fundraising, including securities law compliance from a business perspective, drafting of offering and subscription documents, offering management, prospect seeking and first-level response. Includes both venture capital and private placement funding from angel investors.virtual executive, virtual exec, virtual coo, interim executive, interim coo, virtual ceo, interim ceo
  • Virtual Executive – Virtual and interim executive services to help fill the management gaps that occur when starting and growing a company – especially when developing realistic tactical & strategic plans and while serving as Virtual COO to free up the client CEO’s time and energies from daily operations.
  • Connecting High Tech and Business – Providing the knowledge bridge between hi tech and business by tapping combined knowledge from degree in Engineering Physics and an MBA and additional experience gained from consulting to many hundreds of high tech companies – helping them with the translation of their technology into the language of business – especially for the benefit of prospective investors.
  • Dragon Slaying – Troubleshooting, problem solving, crisis management, chaos planning, turnaround situations and otherwise dealing with the daily dragons that challenge all entrepreneurs when starting, running and growing a company.
  • Mentoring – Providing 1:1 mentoring and coaching on an hourly basis to help answer the questions that will get clients past issues that are stopping them from taking the next step with their start up or emerging company.
  • Investor Relations – Setting up a consistent and securities law compliant contact and communications systems and procedures, generating content, handling investor conflicts and associated securities law issues from a business perspective.
  • Real Estate – Working with real estate investors and companies reviewing, analyzing, negotiating, syndicating, buying, managing, refinancing and selling income producing properties – including real estate analysis and evaluation, investment analysis and due diligence.
  • Web Presence – Designing a comprehensive web presence for companies so that they benefit from Web 2.0 and other leading edge online technologies, including audio and video, in a cost-effective manner.
  • Content Development – Overseeing web, email and collateral content development to help insure a consistent business image congruent with the client’s overall strategy, tactics and market focus.virtual executive, virtual exec, virtual coo, interim executive, interim coo, virtual ceo, interim ceo
  • Book and eBook Publishing and Distribution – Helping authors define and implement the action steps required to publish their book or eBook, handle fulfillment, sell on both Amazon and via their own online presence, including implementation of the required e-commerce steps.
  • Pivotal and Action-Based Brainstorming – Generating insights and epiphanies to get clients past the dragons blocking their path, converting those insights into actionable tasks that will accelerate achievement of their goals.

Which of the above skill sets would help you the most right now? How much will you and your company lose in money, momentum and mind share if you delay any longer having the expertise you really need?

“Robert Lee Goodman is an excellent colleague to work with, and collaborate on the details of your business needs. He is highly professional, and will far exceed your expectations.

Mr. Goodman listens to your needs as a businessperson, and knows exactly what it will take to implement your business, introducing various questions and concerns (variables that could effect your business) that every businessperson should be aware of. He is a pro-active thinker, who establishes a plan of attack of what you will need to fulfill on your concerns and have all of your needs handled, and does not waste unnecessary time.

I would highly recommend Mr. Robert Lee Goodman to anyone who is looking to launch their business, or who needs a person to trouble shoot their problems with existing structures of their business. A definite 5 STAR performance!!!”

– GoldStream Associates

Who Is Robert Lee Goodman And Why Does He Think He Can Help Your Company?

I’m Virtual Executive Robert Lee Goodman – and if you have the above kinds of needs, I believe I can help you and your company. Let me give you a quick 43 second summary of my past three decades of experience to show you a few credentials that might start convincing you:

  • Highly Creative MBA with High Tech, Internet, Real Estate, Executive Management Expertise and Substantial, Diversified Start-Up Consulting Experience.
  • Very unique combination of credentials, expertise, talent and capabilities that include over 30 years of diversified Robert Lee Goodman – Chief ImpleMentorexperience with all aspects of creating and managing startup, entrepreneurial and fast growing businesses.
  • Experienced founder, sponsor, general partner and fiduciary of nearly four dozen ventures and partnerships with a total investment of more than $25 million from clients, partners and venture capitalists.
  • Published author.
  • Owner and CEO of multiple companies and partnerships under the corporate umbrella of Goodman Group, Inc. Businesses range from Internet e-business, computer software, business advisory services, real estate investment, private placement syndication, direct participation securities, property management, commercial real estate brokerage and distressed loan acquisition and collections.
  • Over 15 years of direct real estate investment experience including all aspects of reviewing, analyzing, negotiating, syndicating, buying, managing, refinancing and selling over $100 million of multi-family and commercial real estate. Built one of the real estate divisions of the company into the seventh largest self-storage operation in the nation.
  • Built software company, from personally designing and writing the first commercial application program, to having more than 50 employees and over a dozen products on the shelves of more than 5,000 retail outlets, nationwide. The software company was spun off as a result of a venture capital infusion in 1988 and taken public with a reverse merger into a public shell.
  • Grew all parts of combined organizations from conception to more than 300 full time employees with over 1,200 investors.
  • Developed and operate multiple business-oriented dot com companies – including Ceo Resource LLC and Start Up Company University – both specializing in cost effectively helping start up organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and new business formations through its Virtual-Exec Service, Virtual-COO Service and Start Up Company Mentoring Service. These services are for business owners, venture capitalists, investors, boards, entrepreneurs and current CEOs.

To date, my company, Ceo Resource LLC, has already helped, on a one-on-one basis, THOUSANDS of diverse startup and emerging companies and their CEOs in 49 of the 50 states in nearly four dozen countries on six of the seven continents with their business planning, strategy and tactics, action planning, problem solving, fundraising, dragon slaying and plan implementation.

I invite you to check out my profile for more details on my background, credentials and experience.

I’m semi-retired after great successes with the above companies. At this point in my life, I’m delighted to say that I get to choose who I want to work with – and still love working with bright, energetic entrepreneurs – helping them tap my talents and experience to accelerate the achievement of their goals.

Does that describe YOU? Could you benefit from my expertise and experience?

“Thank you for the great job you did for the past four months during your consulting contract as the Virtual Chief Operating Officer of Internet Community Concepts!

As I have mentioned to you several times, you are one of the best business persons I have come across in more than 23 years of starting and running my various businesses. The breadth and depth of your insights and acumen, your consistently cool and logical problem solving abilities, your quick and decisive “dragon slaying” and your management style – along with your honesty, integrity, outstanding charisma and leadership skills, have continually impressed me as you have used those talents to help ICC.

Between your work on our business plan, establishing our web presence, bringing focus to our systems, procedures and management approach, dealing with securities law issues, handling operations, doing “whatever it took” to get the job done, and meeting every commitment – on time – that you ever made, it has been a real pleasure working with you.

As I have also mentioned to you several times during the past four months, you have been a stabilizing force that has kept the company together as we have moved forward toward our ultimate goals for success.

My only two regrets are that we didn’t hire you a year earlier – and that I have not been able to convince you, yet, to become the company’s full time CEO!”

– Internet Community Concepts

Here’s What You Won’t Be Getting

Now that you’ve seen my background, experience and expertise, here’s what you won’t be getting:

You won’t get hype about how to get rich quick from starting a new company. Starting a new company, online or offline, is a LOT of hard work with dragons galore. But it can also be one of the most fulfilling and profitable endeavors of your life, too.

What you will get is no-nonsense mentoring and consulting that will teach you what you need to know to avoid a lot of deadly dragons and how to keep others from hatching – so you can make it all the way to fulfillment of your unique vision.

You won’t get empty rhetorical rah-rah and worthless woo-woo “feel good” platitudes (those are the scientific, MBA terms!). While I whole-heartedly agree that positive optimism is a key and critical part of getting positive results, it has to be action-based. My mentoring and consulting will be roll-up-your-sleeves, sword-slinging sessions of slaying dragons with measurable, actionable milestones for results.Chief ImpleMentor - Mentoring and Implementation for the Start Up And Emerging Company

You won’t get advice from some freshly-minted MBA who has never actually done it. My own Presidential / Key Executive MBA is seasoned and amplified by over three decades of CEO-level experience. Likewise, your work with Virtual-Exec will not be outsourced – either domestically or off shore.

With Virtual-Exec Service, you will benefit directly from my three decades of personal hands-on experience conceiving, forming, founding, funding and building nearly 4 dozen corporations, joint ventures and partnerships.

You also will benefit greatly from my own Compound Knowledge that I’ve earned while helping, on a one-on-one basis, thousands of diverse companies in 49 of the 50 states and nearly 4 dozen countries on six out of seven continents with their business planning, fundraising and plan implementation.

(I am offering a substantial discount for my first clients based in South Dakota and Antarctica!)

“The services that Robert Lee Goodman provides have been incredible. Robert has added wisdom and experience that my company needs to truly be successful. Best of all, his work demonstrates his dedication to the success of his clients. Now that the first segment of our project is complete, I have retained Robert to assist me with the complete implementation of our business plan. When something works this well, I stay with it!”

– Ozmoziz Corporation

Virtual Executive Services

Although my billing rate is $175 per hour for Standard Service, my Virtual Executive Services offers you a very cost effective way to reduce my rate to as low as $75 per hour.

Depending on your needs, I can provide senior-level executive services to your company at the reduced rates as low as $75 per hour plus out-of-pocket expenses, based on the committed, minimum number of hours per month shown:


The chart shows how the hourly rate varies by the committed, minimum number of hours per month you need. It also shows how much savings you gain each month from my Virtual Exec Service.

For example, say you choose 40 hours per month of my Virtual Exec Service. This would equate to only a relatively minor $5,000 per month increase in your payroll – a small price to pay in exchange for very senior-level experience and expertise on your payroll for a full week each month – for only as long as you need (minimum of 90 days, maximum of 365 days) and without any of the usual overhead costs. Over six months, my Virtual Exec Service would save you $12,000 compared to my standard rate.

The above price breaks are at 20 hours per month (half a work week per month); 40 hours per month (one work week per month); 80 hours per month (two work weeks per month); and 160 hours per month (four work weeks per month – or, essentially full time.)

How many work weeks per month of additional, senior-level executive talent could you use right now helping you each month at this critical time for your company?

In addition to the greatly reduced hourly rate for my Virtual Exec Services, you also get another major benefit of selecting the Virtual-Exec Service over my standard Mentoring Service: My weekly commitment of time to you will be treated as Priority Service instead of Standard Service.

Hopefully, this approach addresses your particular needs and goals. If not, I would be glad to discuss other alternatives.

Powered-Wig Legalese On

The above options are subject to my availability and to change without notice and assume the following terms, in addition to, and superseding, my standard terms and conditions, and are subject to change and withdrawal prior to any mutual agreement and implementation.George Washington Says Read This

The minimum committed number of hours per month will be paid, whether used by your company or not, for a minimum period of three months, six months or 12 months as shown in the above table. Cancel at any time after the agreed minimum commitment with only 30 days notice.

Fees for actual hours billed (for the minimum committed number of hours per month, plus any out-of-pocket expenses, plus any additional hours for the prior month) would be paid within three days of the start of each ensuing month. Unused hours per month are not rolled over to subsequent months.

Any time over and above the minimum committed number of hours per month would be on an “as needed” and “as available” basis, and billed at the same committed hourly rate.

Note: Please be aware that additional hours beyond the minimum committed number of hours per month may not be available even if needed – due to my other client, corporate and personal commitments. To help ensure my availability for your company, please adjust your minimum committed hours to match your best estimates for your needs for my services.

A retainer of first and last month’s or last two months’ expected billing would be paid at the beginning of the engagement and used toward payment of the last month’s or last two months amount due at the end of the engagement.

Payment would be made to Ceo Resource LLC, as an independent consultant, so you would have no payroll overhead or benefits associated with my services.

Powered-Wig Legalese Off

Hopefully, this approach addresses your particular needs and goals. If not, I would be glad to discuss other alternatives.

Individual and Personalized Mentoring & Consulting

Hourly Mentoring

With over three decades of achievement, experience and an MBA from a top-rated, world class program, I have the background, credentials and capabilities to help your company fight your own, very specific dragons.

  • Although many offer management consulting services – very few have my three decades of direct, hands-on CEO-level experience of actually conceptualizing, starting, staffing, funding and operating four dozen, multi-industry companies – experiences that can directly benefit the quality and reality of your own business planning.
  • If you select my individualized management consulting service, I will be the one working with you – with this service, your business will not be delegated to a junior-level staffer with a new MBA. My own Presidential / Key Executive MBA is seasoned and amplified by three decades of CEO-level experience.
  • Does it REALLY make sense for you to risk all the time, effort and money you intend on investing in your new venture by choosing a cheaper, less experienced approach for your business planning and mentoring?
  • Or, does it make much more abundant sense to choose a business planning consultant and mentor who is a proven, successful entrepreneur – someone who has raised over $25 Million from angel investors and venture capitalists?
  • Shouldn’t you choose a proven expert who can both coach you with practical advice and who can genuinely help guide you and your new company past all those dragons and other obstacles that currently stand between your company’s present and the successful future you envision?

I invite you to check out my profile for more details on my background, credentials and experience.

I have found during my past 22 years of consulting with start up and emerging companies that many dragons can be slayed with just a few hours of mentoring. Often, it just takes one or two insights and epiphanies to get my clients past those dragons and much farther down their path toward achieving their goals.

“We hired Robert Goodman on two separate occasions as a business consultant. Each time he has provided superior service and outstanding results.

Robert’s keen insight into the unforeseen complexities of corporate business; as well as, his ability to communicate these obstacles in a strategic plan is second to none.

Because of Robert’s extremely diverse background he is able to road map very detailed and easy to follow guidelines that greatly improve upon the mission trajectory. Robert is a very intelligent and gifted individual that any company would benefit from his involvement.

Through Robert’s involvement our company was selected by Silicon Valley Bank as one of the top ten emerging technology companies in the United States. Robert provided the business and financial plans that were presented to the venture capital panel which eventually lead to People Soft giving us a verbal commitment of involvement.

We were highly praised on our preparation and presentation because of Robert Goodman. I am reminded of the words of Jim Abrams; “A smart businessperson is one who makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes it again. A wise businessperson is one who finds a smart businessperson and learns from him how to avoid the mistakes he made.”

I would recommend Robert to any company that believes they could benefit from an honest, extremely intelligent, effective leader.”

– DesignWorks Software

Get Help Now

The power of these quick insights is why I offer my clients my hourly Mentoring Service.

Are there other issues, problems or opportunities you would like to brainstorm about your company?Chief ImpleMentor - Mentoring and Implementation for the Start Up And Emerging Company

By clicking Consultant Options, you can usually sign up for as little as one hour of mentoring. Once you sign up, we can immediately schedule a teleconference to discuss your dragons and your goals.

Of course, we can’t solve every problem, and slay every dragon, in only an hour or two – but, together, we might be able to efficiently brainstorm some quick answers for you – and a genuinely implementable action plan – that will get you past these pesky dragons and get you closer to your vision of success.

Reserve your brainstorming and mentoring time now.

Limited Availability

One-on-one mentoring and dragon slaying is probably the most enjoyable part of my Virtual-Exec Service for me. I love the rapid fire brainstorming and efficient problem solving with my clients – and being able to provide so much pivotal help in such a short period of time.

However, my availability for one-on-one mentoring can be very limited due to my other client, corporate and personal commitments and time requirements. Hence, some of my mentoring options may be unavailable at any given time.

Cost-Effective Compound Knowledge TM and Dragon Slaying

I hate seeing companies fail – especially when, with the right timely guidance and mentoring, they would have not only survived – but also thrived.
Chief ImpleMentor - Mentoring and Implementation for the Start Up And Emerging CompanyHow can my accumulated Compound Knowledge most help your company, right here, right now?

What will it cost you, and your organization, in lost revenues and wasted time, by NOT having this kind of broad, senior-level executive experience and expertise on YOUR team right NOW?

With telephone, fax and email, I can often help slay many of your dragons from afar – minimizing costs and reducing, if not eliminating, travel expenses. Even if you use my Virtual-Exec Service for just a few hours a month, I can likely still make a significant difference in your company’s effectiveness and profitability.

With my Virtual-Exec Services, I will help you identify the most dangerous dragons threatening your organization, derive solutions and implement the most necessary actions within mutually agreed guidelines and budgets.

Ready for Action or Still Have Questions?

Contact me today to discuss how my mentoring and Virtual Executive Services can help you and your company better succeed.

Best wishes for stellar success,


Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
Ceo & Chief ImpleMentor
Ceo Resource LLC

What's Your Point B?

PS: Contact me today to discuss how my mentoring and Virtual Executive Services can help you and your company better succeed.

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Note: All prices and terms are subject to change and to my time availability. Priority Service is available at a 50% premium and Top Priority Service is available at a 100% premium over the Standard Rates listed above. Please click Queue  / Priority Service for details.