virtual business retailing 3.0 hack

*Notes: this simulation had been hacked in orders to do such thing. But if you’re stuck on this simulation, leave a comment and I may give you some suggestion of passing level 1 and 2, including a glitch I’ve found =]

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  1. orirnda
    orirnda says:


    Download this: replace “(dot)” with “.”, Then UN-Zip it, then run the executable.

    I had to put “(dot)” because youtube blocks URLS.

  2. dilbert250
    dilbert250 says:

    hey dude im curious where did you buy this from? on their website i’ve only found class sets in the hundreds of dollars. thanks

  3. MarketingPwnage
    MarketingPwnage says:

    here’s a tip, if you’re playing in multiplayer, you can remove other’s billboards by simply double-clicking on them! Here’s another big glitch, you can control your opponents in multiplayer by starting a new session with the exact same name as your opponents, then you can take control over their stores and stuff =]


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