The Guild of Palm Beach Announces Cooperative Workspace Packages for Creative Professionals

Palm Beach, Florida (PRWEB) June 28, 2013

The Guild of Pam Beach, a creative coworking community, is pleased to announce new cooperative workspace packages for freelancers and entrepreneurs. The space is designed for individuals engaging in technology, communication, art, and other creative business ventures. The innovative ecosystem offers a collaborative community for entrepreneurs and those seeking to cross pollinate ideas to improve their own concepts.

Shared workspace has become an ever-popular solution for solo practitioners. Independents, who once utilized their home offices as workplace thrones, are branching out to business centers, coworking sites, and shared workspaces to achieve work-life balance and face-to-face communication.

“The Guild of Palm Beach was a vision I had, to help advance the ever growing creative community of independent and freelance workers in the Palm Beach area,” explained Founder Nicholas Cappiello. “It’s a great alternative to working in a home office or neighborhood coffee house.”

“Membership at The Guild is more than just having a place to work; it’s about having a place to associate with likeminded creative professionals, pool resources, and succeed,” Cappiello continued. “I’m thrilled to offer a space where fellow creative minds can swap idea, partner together on projects, and achieve more than they could on their own.”

The Guild is a membership-driven entity, via the provision of office services, as opposed to lease services and facilities management.The Guild of Palm Beach is currently offering monthly membership packages starting at $ 50.00.

The Guild of Palm Beach Provides Member with Access to the Following Amenities:

Desk, Tables, and Chairs
Conference Rooms
Wi-Fi Internet Connections
Storage Space
3D Printer
Green Room
Legal Services
Computer Repair
Computer/Technology Rental
And More

In fostering Palm Beach County’s entrepreneurial community, The Guild of Palm Beach continually hosts educational workshops and networking events. These informal gatherings encourage relationships between solo proprietors and business professionals including bankers, development professionals, technologist, and angel investors.

To learn more about The Guild of Palm Beach, membership packages, or upcoming events, please visit

About the Guild of Palm Beach

The Guild of Palm Beach is a premiere workspace designated towards energizing a critical mass of solo professionals. The space is designed for individuals engaging in technology, communication, art, and other creative business ventures. The space facilities cooperation among independents, who welcome the space as an alternative to their home office or neighborhood coffee house. For further information, visit

Contact Information

The Guild of Palm Beach

Nicholas Cappiello

636 US Highway 1

North Palm Beach, Florida 33408

(561) 339-4432

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