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Have you been considering getting a written or word tattoo and now sure where to find the best tattoo quote ideas?  A lot of people these days want some kind of written quote that they can get tattooed onto their wrist, rib cage or some other area on their body.  Word, literary and written tattoo designs have really come into fashion in a big way.  They are super popular with both men and women alike helping fuel this trend.  However the one thing that always gets people stuck is what to write.  You see it on tattoo websites and forums all the time.  People state they want to get a written tattoo of a quote but they do not know what quote to use.  These people often get slammed in the forums and told if they don’t already have an idea then they should not get a tattoo.  Of course this seems kind of accurate hwoever, it is often hard to know where to start with the creative process.  It islike writers block or the block of creativity an artist might have.  So in this article you will find three useful ways to find the best quotes to give you some ideas of where you might start.  You can always personailize and change things up to make it unique once you get some ideas going.

Tattoo Sites
One of the easiest places to start looking for tattoo quotes that have already been done as tattoos are the myraid of tattoo design sites already online.  These could be the design type of site or a community site or just a gallery of the best tattoos.  By searching google for quote tattoos you will find a ton of tattoo oriented sites a many have great pictures and ideas to get you started.

Quote Sites
Another place to try is search on your favorite search engine for quotes websites.  There are a ton of websites out there that run off of large databases filled with thousands of quotes.  They are often classified in alaphabetically order and often also give the author and other quotes by that same person.  This can really help narrow down an author or person you like and help you to identify some possible quotes for your design.

The Library and Bookstore
If you are not into the internet and rather go about this in the real world then a serach at your local library or major bookstore should eaisly do the trick.  There are tons of books packed full of quotes and ideas from other writers.  These can be used easily and they are often categorized by theme.  Thus it is easy to search through these especially if you know the type of quote you want.  For example if you want something about love you will probably find a whole section of quotes written to this topic.

The most improtant thing is to not let other people get your down and instead just enjoy your search for the idea quote tattoo.  If you push yourself adn rush the process you will not be happy withthe final quote.  Instead realize that it can be a very creative process that takes time and you probably need some reference material to get your started.

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