From Miami, taking stock of climate risks

From Miami, taking stock of climate risks
The President's Climate Action Plan (PDF) outlined several greenhouse gas-reduction initiatives and established a Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience (PDF) to support communities at the frontlines of climate impacts. Yet an essential …
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A guide into the weird numbers that run our world, describing both financial
The following examples suggest that some extreme events are even “wilder” than predicted by the extrapolation of the power law distributions. They can be termed “outliers” or even better “kings”. According to the definition of the Engineering …
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YouTube's Sexy Sleep Whisperers
Yale University neurologist Steven Novella has compared it to migraine headaches: “We know they exist as a syndrome primarily because many different people report the same constellation of symptoms and natural history,” he writes on his blog, adding …
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FCC Auction Taking Toll On TV RF Vendors

FCC Auction Taking Toll On TV RF Vendors
As a result of the uncertainity over the FCC's plans to auction and repack the TV spectrum, stations are putting off investments in transmission gear. The latest … The final straw for ERI's TV business came in January when FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler …
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Missed Alarms and 40 Million Stolen Credit Card Numbers: How Target Blew It
30, the hackers had set their traps and had just one thing to do before starting the attack: plan the data's escape route. As they uploaded exfiltration malware to move stolen credit card numbers—first to staging …. Brian Krebs, a security blogger …
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Texas still posting double-digit drops in foreclosure filings
Then again, Texas has never had a lot of ground to make up in the first place. A total of 4,789 foreclosure … the lender holding the mortgage. Tricia Lynn Silva covers real estate, retail, construction, and law firms; she also plans and edits some …
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Why is TMS Still Über Complicated?
Many companies strive to make our lives and businesses easier. Whether voice-directed pick/pack systems or a … Instead of making it easier to plan and execute, often they do the opposite and provide more overhead. Yes, cost savings and automation are …
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Austin Kleon: Taking A Peek Inside "The Invention Machine"

Austin Kleon: Taking A Peek Inside "The Invention Machine"
The Opening Keynote of SXSW Interactive 2014, Austin Kleon, a self-described "writer who draws," wants us to put him out of business. … In the process of promoting his work and ideas, he sees the unprecedented opportunity to get invaluable feedback …
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Q&A: ESPN's Henry Abbott on TrueHoop, serving readers, and the future of
Abbott's ascent was a gradual one; after ESPN bought TrueHoop in 2007 it expanded the blog into a network of similarly inclined (analytical, passionate, bordering on obsessed) up and coming beat writers. Abbott's story was an early version of one …
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siliconANGLE » Microsoft officially announces exec ladder changes
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has officially announced changes in its executive ladder via a blog post, confirming reports that first emerged yesterday. As first reported by Re/code, Tony Bates and Tami Reller will be leaving the company … “I am …
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Green Business Ideas: Green Building Materials Store
Green Building Materials Store Access to green consumer products, from organic and natural foods to eco-friendly personal care and cleaning supplies, is growing daily, and many of these items are beginning to be available at some mainstream grocery and …
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Taking the Costs Out

Taking the Costs Out
Today's technology also allows fleets to consider other factors that might affect a route, such as traffic or weather, and adjust routes on the fly, according to Daniel Valentine, product marketing manager at NexTraq. And they can … John Erik …
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Sonic Foundry Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2014 Results
Significant customer commitments such as that from University of Leeds are a validation of our global strategy and puts us one step closer to delivering on our revenue objectives. … results to differ materially include, but are not limited to …
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Taking contract research's pulse

Taking contract research's pulse
“CROs have been seen in the past as not really providing any value-add to the drug development process – after all drug costs are still going up and a drug's time to market has not been any faster with them,” he told PME. “So why use a CRO?” …. Other …
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Price controls eased at high end for major cities in China
Photo: Reuters. The mainland's top cities lifted a price cap on home pre-sale licences earlier this month, in a move that will release blocked high-end projects and add fuel to an already red-hot land market. … In one example, Shanghai media reports …
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The Creativity Gap
For example, if you place a grain of rice on square one of a chessboard and double the prior amount on each subsequent square, very soon the pile is mind bogglingly large. By the time you reach the second half of the board … Many of them already have …
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The Advantages Of Taking Venture Capital Courses

When one speaks of venture capital, what usually comes to mind is its difficulty. Most people think that in order to be a capitalist, you need to be a graduate of some master’s degree. Surprisingly, you don’t need to do so. There are venture capital courses that you can take in order for you to become a good capitalist or entrepreneur, if you’re looking at the other side of the fence.

Now you may ask what good shall this give you, when there are tons of resources that you can find if you want to learn about venture capital. The internet, for one, has hundreds of websites that “teach” you, not to mention the online courses that other sites offer. Also, enrolling in these courses would entail added costs and expenses.

While there may be disadvantages, the benefits that the courses provide are sure to outweigh them. Here are some of them.

One advantage that these courses give is the opportunity to ask questions directly to the instructor. If you are not taking these classes but are merely reading books or articles about it, you may have questions that need to be answered for you to understand better. Taking the course will give you that opportunity.

Another advantage of taking this course is the practical knowledge that venture capitalists may impart. Some of the instructors are capitalists themselves, so there is the opportunity of hearing their experiences first hand. This will help the student understand the key issues as well as appreciate the policies and decisions made by companies along the way.

Sitting in a class with people having the same interest as yours is also an effective way to learn better. You learn more as you interact with other people than when you sit alone at home, reading or browsing through a website. You also learn from their experiences as they share them to you.

Also, these courses provide handouts and suggested readings that prove to be helpful to budding entrepreneurs. Since the instructors are the ones who compiled and made these notes, then you are assured that these handouts will provide useful and effective information on the subject. Also, with the many books available on the topic, it is impossible for you to read all of them in a short span of time. With the suggested books and readings, you only get to read the best ones available.

Since these courses require you to take exams or to submit reports and case write-ups, then you are able to evaluate your own learning. Here you are able to determine the areas that you need to work on, and those that you are good at. This is not possible if you are not enrolled in a course.

If you are seriously considering a career or to put up a company using venture capital, then it is best to formally enroll in a course. If the college or university in your locality offers MBA or Law courses, chances are, they also offer venture capital courses. You can browse through their websites or visit them to inquire.

Taking this course is just the first step towards developing the entrepreneur or capitalist in you. The next step is applying what you’ve learned in real life. After all, that’s where the real battle is.

Shannon Pearson of Venture Capital Radio interviews Dr. Tim Durance, EnWave Corporation’s Chairman & Co-CEO to learn more about the company and its revolutio…


Forum: Capitalism about taking risks that create jobs

Forum: Capitalism about taking risks that create jobs
People with ideas who are willing to work extremely hard are able to get capital (money) to start a business. Under capitalism, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money like Steve Jobs did with Apple, but you do not need to be an inventor …
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AODK INC. Architectural Design Firm : My Biggest Mistake
I would rather design a great project for smaller fees than make larger fees on projects that had no value. But, like any startup business, it takes a while to get to a point where you can do what you want. My mistake was taking jobs just to keep money …
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Most Small Businesses Fail. We Need You To Tell Us How To Start One That Succeeds.
America has always been a dynamic place to start a business, and by some measures the last few years have brought the highest rate of new startups in decades. They've also brought historic rates of business failure. Estimates vary, but most analysts …
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