Sales and Operations Planning Standard System: With Reference Software

Sales and Operations Planning Standard System: With Reference Software

Sales and Operations Planning Standard System: With Reference Software

The Sales and Operations Planning Standard System covers S&OP and closely related topics like rough-cut planning, performance measurements, and financial integration. It explains the core functionality that must be present in S&OP software to truly call it S&OP.

The functions described in the S&OP Standard System include those required to support communication and decision-making focused on volume related manufacturing and supply chain issues. The Sales and Operations Planning

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Acumen Cloud, Fuse Schedule Index Add Benchmarking, Standard Scoring to Acumen Fuse Schedule Analysis Capabilities

Austin, TX (PRWEB) March 27, 2012

As the established project analytics market leader, Acumen ( is excited to announce a major upgrade to advanced project management analytics platform Fuse: the launch of new-to market Acumen Cloud. With the introduction of Acumen Cloud, users are able to objectively score a project schedule using the Fuse Schedule Index and submit scores to the Cloud for benchmarking and percent likelihood of on-time, on-budget completion.

The Acumen Fuse


Waze Launches First Hands-Free Traffic Reporting for iPhone; Sets New Standard for Mobile Commuting

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) February 09, 2012

Waze, the now 12 million-strong community of traffic resisters, is announcing today the next breakthrough in the global fight against traffic: hands-free operation of its popular iPhone app. With the simple wave of a hand, drivers can now speak to navigate, report traffic, and alert others to potentially hazardous incidents on the road. With the launch, Waze hopes to set a hands-free standard for the future of the traffic-reporting industry, as well as any driver-focused products to come.

How it Works

Unlike other touch-activated speech recognition systems, the latest version of Waze uses the iPhones native proximity sensor to initiate voice control. When activated with a wave past the screen, Waze prompts the driver to speak the intended commands, without ever having to touch the phone or its screen. For example a spoken command of report traffic will prompt the driver to specify heavy, moderate, or standstill. Waze will then place that alert on the map, offering a drivers the ability to share details normally reserved for users in passenger mode. The new feature also understands destination-related commands such as drive home or drive to work, so drivers can continue to focus on the road rather than the screen.

A Completely Hands-Free Experience

In addition to Wazes new hands-free traffic reporting, Waze enhances the experience by allowing the use of Apples native Siri speech recognition for specific addresses as well as local search queries. To further ensure minimum driver distraction, Waze also disables text input into the app while the car is in motion. The result is a completely hands-free navigation experience for Waze drivers from start to finish.

Waze has found a touch-free means for drivers to safely interact with their traffic information while driving, said Roger C. Lanctot, Associate Director of Strategy Analytics Global Automotive Practice. With a swipe of the hand drivers will now be able to access the information they need and report on incidents they see. The implications for crowd sourced traffic information are significant.

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The University of Pennsylvania Launches e-Builder as its Standard Capital Program Management Software

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) April 13, 2012

e-Builder, the number one provider of integrated capital program and project management software to colleges and universities, announced today that The University of Pennsylvania, a top 5 College rated by US News & World Report, has launched e-Builder Enterprise as its capital project management system to track capital project costs and schedule milestones. The University will implement nearly all e-Builder modules, including Cost, Processes, Documents, and Schedule, to manage its ongoing multi-million capital program.

The Universitys Facilities and Real Estate Services team conducted a thorough review and selection process to replace their previous solution for a user-friendly platform that is also easier to configure. In addition, e-Builder brings robust cost tracking, forecasting, and reporting capabilities. One of the requirements defined in the initial RFP was that the chosen system be able to integrate with the Universitys financials system. This integration will allow for seamless data exchange to eliminate inefficiencies related to duplicate data entry, and to ensure costs are accounted for in the most efficient manner.

The Penn Facilities and Real Estate Services team has standardized all of their existing workflow approval using e-Builders Processes Module, a sophisticated workflow automation engine. Some of the key processes enabled in this go-live include Project Initiation, Capital Project Request, Budget & Certification Approvals, Change Orders, Contingency Changes, and Payment Application & Invoice Approvals.

Jon Antevy, e-Builder CEO, said the leadership provided by the University coupled with the experience of our in-house implementation team resulted in yet another successful and timely launch of e-Builder.

About e-Builder

e-Builder is the leading provider of fully integrated, cloud-based construction program management software for top facility owners and companies that act on their behalf. The companys flagship product, e-Builder Enterprise, improves capital project execution resulting in increased productivity and quality, reduced cost, and faster project delivery. Since 1995, e-Builders technology leadership and construction industry focus has provided thousands of global companies, government agencies, and healthcare and educational institutions managing billions of dollars in capital programs with solutions to improve the plan, build and operate lifecycle. The company is privately held and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information, visit