Six keys to economic reform in Iran

Six keys to economic reform in Iran
The country's human resource base will be the central socioeconomic factor that under appropriate circumstances will facilitate fast-paced economic development. In fact, Iran has an … The time has come for the government to empower the private sector …
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Learn This Couple's Formula For Partnering Post-Retirement
Their careers were spent in corporate America, where Mary worked as an HR executive, and Pat was an Account Leader, so their work never overlapped, and the discussions they would have across the desk were to support one another in their respective jobs …
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Grabbing the Keys to Happiness

Grabbing the Keys to Happiness
One US intelligence official briefed on the report said the DIA concluded that Snowden visited classified facilities outside the NSA station where he worked in Hawaii while he was downloading the documents he would eventually leak to journalists Glenn …
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BIG YoY jump in iPhone sales — HP launches Win7 PC promo — EBAY's digital
DRIVING THE DAY: New documents: NSA provided 2-3 daily 'tips' to FBI for at least 3 years, by Cyrus Farivar: "According to newly-declassified court orders from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), the National Security Agency (NSA) was …
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New Coin-Sized Device and Smartphone App Helps Users Track and Find Their Lost Wallets, Keys, Phones, and More

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) May 13, 2013

Phone Halo’s newest creation, Button TrackR, is a coin-sized device that eliminates the common frustrations involved with losing or misplacing important items.

Button TrackR is only about the size of a few stacked quarters, it can be placed on or stuck to virtually anything users would like to keep track of – whether it’s a disappearing TV remote, keys, or a lost wallet. It is combined with a free, easy-to-use iPhone app, Item TrackR (, to create a time saving tool that aims to eliminate unnecessary stress in people’s every day lives.

How It Works:

Button TrackR is a coin-sized device that can be attached to or stuck to anything you want to keep track of. The device communicates to the user’s iPhone or Android, and if the user is about to leave an item behind, the Phone and Button TrackR device will audibly notify the user. At the same time, the app remembers the time and location the user separated from their item and shows the item’s location on a GPS map. The app can then guide the user to within five feet of this exact location using GPS and a short distance Hot & Cold finding system within the app. Users can also locate their lost items by causing the Button TrackR device to ring. The system is completely bidirectional which means if the user can’t find their phone (and the phone is on silent), the user can press a Button on the TrackR device and cause the phone to ring.

Button TrackR has a new feature called Crowd Sourced Tracking. If you lose an item, the Button TrackR will begin to broadcast a encrpyted unique ID that can be detected by the phone’s of other Button TrackR users. When another Button TrackR user walks within range of the lost item, a message is sent to the Phone Halo Cloud server which will then send a notification to the user with the updated GPS location of their lost item. This revolutionary technology allows users to track their lost items without the need for expensive GPS tracking devices and instead, using the power of crowd collaboration.

“We’ve been working on item finding and tracking devices for over 3 years. We’ve always wanted to create a solution that can help users find items after they’ve become lost. With Crowd Sourced Tracking, that is now a reality” says Chris Herbert, Co-Founder of Phone Halo. The Button TrackR has been aggressively priced at a single device for $ 25. Early customers can purchase a 10 pack for just $ 95, $ 9.50 a device, for a limited time.

Please visit for more information about the Button TrackR campaign.

The Button TrackR utilizes the latest technology called Bluetooth Smart or “Bluetooth Low Energy.” Unlike older Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth Smart uses a common coin cell battery that can last for 1 year. At launch, the Button TrackR will be compatible with the iPhone 4S/5, iPad 3/4, iPad Mini, New iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


The Keys to Leadership: Your Brain and My Grandmother

The Keys to Leadership: Your Brain and My Grandmother
Research cited by David Rock in strategy+business in 2009 shows that the brain processes social pain in similar ways to physical pain. A psychologically stressful workplace can kill productivity, creative problem solving, and innovative thinking …
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New year's resolutions: a manifesto for sustainability
A world in which the ultimate competitive advantage stems from creating both value for business and value for society by reconnecting strategy to delivering social progress. A world in which intuitive right brain meets analytical left brain, both to …
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Globe Business EIF speaker Martha Rogers: “Share of customers should be your
Bringing her expertise for the first time in the country, distinguished authority on customer-focused relationship management strategies Martha Rogers, Ph.D., was invited by Globe Business – Enterprise Group to be one of its keynote speakers during its …
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Work at Home Jobs; Earn Extra Cash With Work at Home Jobs, Government Jobs, Government Grants, Paid Surveys are the Keys to New American Dream

Washington DC (PRWEB) January 21, 2005

If you are searching for the perfect work at home jobs, have a family member un-employed or if credit problems are holding you back from starting a business, buying a home, new car or work at home jobs business, here is important news! Government and private lending institutions are now joining forces to stimulate the national economy and make it easier for women, minorities and people with poor credit ratings to get government grants, low interest loans for any purpose to include work at home jobs.

President Bush also announced a breakthrough for Faith Based and Community Organizations. Policies have been lifted which prohibited them from receiving government funding based on religious affiliations. Churches and religious based community organizations can now compete on equal footing for available federal dollars. Terry Newborn, a researcher for Government Publications in Washington, DC, reported, “There are billions of dollars in grants and loans earmarked for people previously identified as credit risks. Public and private funds are now available for them to buy homes, cars, start a work at home jobs business, consolidate debts,and any worthwhile purpose.” In addition, he reported new financial resources have been committed to help the unemployed get job training re-enter the job market or perform work at home jobs.

“Now is the time for citizens to act if they need money for any worthwhile purpose,” urged Newborn. He also revealed that several reduced-cost and even free programs now exist to benefit economically disadvantaged and recently unemployed persons. Such programs include dental and vision care services, prescription plans, legal aid and work at home jobs. The program also includes free postal training manual, government jobs training manuals, applications plus practice tests that help low scorers acheive a higher score when taking civil service exams,it also includes work at home jobs manual and more.

Government Publications offers a Work at Home Jobs CD-Rom that provides the latest information on the above programs. It covers free grant and loan resources available for a wide variety of purposes, including work at home jobs business start-ups. President Bush declared, “The entrepreneurial spirit in America is healthy, It is a great strength of our country. If you feel like you’ve got what it takes to start a business, if you want to go out on your own, you think you’ve got a good product, the country says, we welcome you to do so.” This Work at Home Jobs CD Rom includes start-up information on over 95 Work at Home Jobs and business opportunities. For example, Work at Home Jobs -How to Buy and Sell Foreclosed Properties, How to Start a Profitable Gift Basket Business, How to Start a Cleaning Business and How to The work at home jobs business program includes which teaches customers to Ebay(tm) the correct way.

The Work at Home Jobs CD Rom combines all programs into one price,it also includes 50 successful grant applications that were funded. These sample applications are essential items since most denied loan and grant applications are due to improper or incomplete paperwork. For more information on the Work at Home Jobs CD containing all programs log on to To visit individual sites combined on Work at Home Jobs CD visit , , , , , , or call the Work at Home Jobs Hotline at 800-306-0873 or Work at Home Jobs Info Line 888-384-9608,Work at Home Jobs line 800-306-0990, Work at Home Jobs info at 800-306-0990 Work at Home Jobs request more info line 800-416-0712


Terry Newborn

Government Publications

1025 Connecticut Ave. Suite 1012

Washington, DC 20036

Tele: 202-263-7340

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Growthink Unveils 14 Keys to an Effective Marketing Plan to “Skyrocket Sales …

Growthink Unveils 14 Keys to an Effective Marketing Plan to “Skyrocket Sales
According to Lavinsky, there are four key components to an online marketing strategy: keyword strategy, search engine optimization strategy, paid online advertising strategy and social media strategy. “Your conversion strategy defines how you will …
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Weekly Social Media Winners: Pringles, Monster Energy, McDonald's, Nike and Reebok
The Awareness Social Scorecard monitors week-over-week social media fan gains and losses by brands representing industries most actively using social media as part of their marketing strategy to determine who won the social media 'battle' that week.
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Social Media Camp Drives Digital Technology With Intertainment Media
VICTORIA, BC, Apr 19, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — The organizers of Social Media Camp, one of the fastest growing conferences for marketers, communicators and business professionals, announced that Intertainment Media Inc. will be the charter …
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