Fun And Profitable Ideas For Fundraisers

Fun And Profitable Ideas For Fundraisers

Because of the difficult times that we are in right now, a lot of schools are in dire need of funds that will allow them to keep their programs afloat. In addition to this, they also look forward to starting fundraiser ideas that will give them the chance to raise enough money for their regular expenses as well so that they can ascertain that they will be able to provide their students with the highest quality education possible. If your school is in a similar situation right now and you are in search for fun and profitable ideas for fundraisers that might help you raise money, then you are in the right place because I will be pitching in some good fundraising ideas in this article that you and your volunteers can use.

First on my bank of ideas for fundraisers is a cow pie fundraiser. This may sound pretty new to you. That is so since this is a unique fundraising idea that has just been innovated recently. If you are looking forward to raising a large amount of money for a upscale school project, then this will be the best campaign for you to carry out as this will enable you to gather a huge crowd that will be able to give you the funds that you need. For this type of campaign, you will need a large field or a large patch of grassland. If you have a football field in your school, you can also try to use that. In addition to this, you will also need a cow. Once you get to choose a good venue, divide it into squares that are of the same size. Sell each of these squares at a set price. Be sure that you price is affordable enough for a nice turnout but also high enough to let you raise the amount that you need. Half of the amount that you get to collect will serve as the prize for the winner of the event. Once you get to sell all of the squares, leave a cow in the field. The one with the square where the cow will live its pie will be the winner. Allow the cow to do its job. Since this idea is really fresh and new, you will surely gather a huge amount of interest from this and in turn, earn large profits.

Next on my list of ideas is a cleanup campaign. This type of campaign will work best for elementary school kids. This will work best during All Saints Day when the entire neighborhood will surely have a lot of mess lying around because of their Halloween parties and celebrations. In here, you can assign your volunteers to visit each of the houses in your neighborhood and offer their cleaning services in exchange for a reasonable fee. Be sure to give your volunteers flyers that contain the reason why you need to raise money. You can also try to distribute the flyers a week before you go out so that people can be aware of your services.

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