JobPage Launches Crowd Sourced Job Service To Help People And Their Communities Find Employment

London (PRWEB UK) 19 March 2013

JobPage ( launches a radical new concept for finding employment that democratises the job search process and connects real people to real jobs.

Breaking away from the hierarchies of company, recruiter and agency – which creates artificial barriers between the job seeker and the person hiring – instead on JobPage, you will find a growing number of everyday people helping others in their community find employment.

JobPage is a social jobs network where its members find inspirational jobs, including apprenticeships, published on company websites and then share them with their friends, family and local community who may be looking for work.

JobPage is a unique jobs service – it does not aggregate jobs, or allow mass postings from agencies – every job you see on JobPage is there because a real person has personally endorsed it to help someone else find a new job.

“People often come across jobs when browsing the web that they know would be perfect for a friend, but for one reason or another they fail to let them know” says JobPage Co-founder Matthew Ogston. ”JobPage makes it quick and easy to share work opportunities with other people, inspiring them to find a job they love.”

JobPage is free to use for both job seekers and businesses – a valuable tool that will help local communities find employment, and help small businesses to grow by finding staff at zero cost.

About JobPage

JobPage helps job seekers find work using the power of crowds and tapping into the human spirit of wanting to help others
JobPage uses social media, heavily used by the “younger digital generation”, who are currently facing the greatest barriers when seeking employment
JobPage supports the current trend in people seeking flexible ways of working, including freelance, job share, apprenticeships, internships, working from home, remote working and also including traditional permanent jobs
It’s a free service for both job seekers and businesses – helping boost employment and stimulate growth in the economy.
JobPage is an unique service, developed by an innovative tech startup based in TechHub in Google’s Campus London building (Silicon Roundabout) in London.

About Matthew Ogston Co-founder

In 2010, Matthew had a successful job working at one of the UK’s largest recruitment agencies but felt something was missing in his work life. He needed a job that inspired him. He subsequently left this job on a journey to find happiness in his work.
After nearly three years of soul searching, he built JobPage to help others in the same position. Through JobPage he found his passion – a passion to inspire others to find the job they love.

For further information, please contact:

Matthew Ogston, Co-founder of JobPage on

matt(at)jobpage(dot)com or

+44 (0)207 193 1910        


JobPage, TechHub @ Campus London, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX – United Kingdom


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