Nuture an inspired workforce

Nuture an inspired workforce
In our planning process too, HR objectives are tied in tightly with business objectives, and are key to business success. We also have initiatives around the business fundamentals for HR i.e. our reason for existence. Initiatives here are centred on …
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Gregory Giddens
In order to do these, we needed some underpinnings of sound program management, good planning and execution capabilities, and really improving our ability to think about our requirements. What were some results of that effort? One is the Operational …
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You Are Your Brand!
Whether you are a recent graduate seeking a job, a seasoned professional climbing the corporate ladder or an entrepreneur building a business, branding is essential to your career or business success and advancement. … Become a subject matter expert …
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Sneakernomics: 10 Predictions For The Sneaker Business in 2014
So this blog will flesh out those ideas further. “Prediction #1: There will be a glut of 90′s basketball … The retro Jordan business has been built on unrequited demand (the topic of a future Blog). The brands reviving old shoes do not have the …
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Sales Tax Slice: New Cloud Computing Section Highlights Upcoming
The Bloomberg BNA SALT Blog is a forum for practitioners and Bloomberg BNA editors to share ideas, raise issues, and network with colleagues about state and local tax topics. The ideas presented here are those …. Responses to the Bloomberg BNA 2014 …
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Innovation Requires The Ability To Embrace Feature Creep
Look to the dreaded feature creep for the answer. Feature creep is a design buzz word, which in basic terms is what happens as a design starts slowly changing when new ideas evolve. Take for example a bicycle wheel. It has a rim, spokes and a hub; simple.
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Copywriting And Marketing Firm Copy With Results, LLC and Sandi Krakowski Expand Into Social Media Marketing

Pierceton, IN (PRWEB) February 13, 2010

Internationally sought after Online Marketer and Copywriting firm Copy With Results, LLC expanded their business operation with new marketing packages that are geared for businesses needing more Social Media Interaction.

It’s no secret that Twitter and Facebook are now being widely used by small and large businesses alike. But a consistent Social Media marketing plan is what brings in more repeat clients and builds better rapport in an online environment.

Copy With Results, LLC located in Indiana has been serving clients and successfully operating businesses online for the last 14 years. CEO Sandi Krakowski is a working mom who had a dream of being able to stay at home and make a substantial profit. Through business success and loss she’s now known as the “Go To” Internet Cop when it comes to finding out what works and what doesn’t online.

Nina Hershberger stated of her recent work done with Sandi, “”Wow Sandi! You are FAR more than just a copywriter but a Marketer, Go To Person and everything in between!” Nina Hershberger,, Featured by Bill Glazer

The internet can be a frustrating thing for a company seeking to expand without emptying their wallets. With experience in copywriting, marketing, online branding, internet sales, social media marketing and more Copy With Results, LLC brings to the forefront solutions for today’s business owner.

Google constantly changes, Facebook is now the most trafficked site on the entire internet only being outpaced by Google. It can be a jungle online if you aren’t sure what to do first and what to implement for bigger returns.

Gone are the days when PPC advertising (pay per click) is king. Many online businesses are finding that Organic Traffic created with a company website and social media far outpaces expenses previously spent on PPC campaigns.

Krakowski states, “We did a recent Keyword Research for a client and found their competitors were spending over $ 67,000 per month on PPC in 2009 and were now spending only $ 1,800 per month on PPC. Their enormous increase in sales and traffic was coming through social media. That directed a plan for our client which implemented social media, blogging and other online resources all of which had no financial outlay, just the time involved maintaining it. This is a whole new world in marketing online.”

Recently featured in the fastest growing online community for Moms in Business, by CEO Mary Ellen Tribby, Copy With Results is featured as a top resource for business moms who need top service.

To receive a no obligation business consultation regarding your website and marketing strategies visit for cutting edge tools for increased profits.


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