SXSWi 2013 #1: la NASA, la MIT et le mec qui a créé le monde.

Reportage sur les conférences de la NASA sur le “crowd sourcing” et du MIT Open Doc Lab sur les nouvelles formes documentaires, en plus de quelques extras.

This is the oculus Rift given the ability to perform fpv with the Transporter 3D. You have the ability to do 2D or 3D fpv. The Transporter3D is a real time v…

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  1. GeneralScott1
    GeneralScott1 says:

    awesome video i plan on getting one. but the most awesome thing in the vid
    is the super nes in the background, f yea. $700 though

  2. godfather22022
    godfather22022 says:

    They are extremely high quality components that ensure low latency. It’s
    also an analogue to digital converter. On top of that it’s low batch
    volume; supply and demand. Personally if you could do it with your laptop
    it would be just as expensive as the board. If this kicks off and people
    buy more price could drop or if a large electronics company were to help.


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