Sustainable Laboratory Design and Construction: Green Construction

Sustainable Laboratory Design and Construction: Green Construction
Changes at any step in this process can be tracked and coordinated continuously, with overall plans adjusted appropriately. Being a primarily visual tool (3-D modeling), the BIM system clearly communicates the client's requirements, …. First, it …
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Crisis In The Medical Examiner's Office: Punishing Survivors
An enormous number of lives have been put on hold because of the state Medical Examiner's inability to timely process death. While state officials … from 58 to 947. Those delays were driven in large part by report wait times that more than quadrupled …
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Sedinger: Autauga County Sheriff
I have a great understanding of the budget process and the amount of funds that are available. I have worked … I plan to work with the commission to increase funding for manpower, so the sheriff's office can operate with three fully staffed shifts. I …
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