53 Milestones to Success

Here are the 53 milestones to success – from that first glimmer of a concept to raising your funding for your startup company.

I’ve worked with a lot of startup companies over the last two decades and I know that sometimes, when you start a new company, it seems like there are a near infinite number of steps, or milestones, that have to be finished in order to start implementing your vision.Info

The following Startup Path to Success Infographic distills down all these overwhelming steps into 53 discrete milestones that most start up companies have to reach if they are going to successfully seek investor funding.

(You can also download a PDF version of this infographic by clicking on the small image to the right.)

You will probably find it very helpful to carefully read each milestone so that you understand the implications of scope and resource requirements for each one.

A lot of startup company entrepreneurs overlook many of these critical milestones and jeopardize their probability for success. Be different. Understand each of the 53 milestones and how each one of them relates specifically to your company.

What Is Your Current Point A Milestone On Your Startup Path To Success ?

Here are four questions that you probably need to know the answers for:

  1. What is your current status on your quest for a post funding Point B?
  2. How far have you already gotten down this path?
  3. What roadblocks or dragons are currently blocking your path and impeding your progress?
  4. What expertise, experience and skill sets would help you the most, right now, to accelerate your journey to Point B?

You can find these answers by following the path in this infographic:


If the work required for all 53 milestones overwhelms or intimidates you, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs, particularly those who are setting up their first company, feel the same way.

Part of this comes from just the amount of work that needs to be accomplished. Another part of this comes from facing milestones that require expertise and experience that you don’t yet have.

The good news is that I offer a special service to help you successfully accomplish ALL 53 milestones so that you can get to your post-funding Point B.

Funding Foreplay Service – How I Can Help You with All 53 Milestones

One of my unique specialties that helps a lot of my clients is a service I call “Funding Foreplay.”

You wouldn’t walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to marry you.

You already know that there’s a courting process, a general sequence of events, a ritual, required even for love. The same is true with prospective investors. There is a courtship sequence that you must follow to even get their attention.

My Funding Foreplay Service is designed to specifically help startup company CEOs be genuinely ready for prime time for their fundraising and to also be properly coached to romance and seduce investors the right way.

My Funding Foreplay Service is specifically focused on helping you be ready for the courtship.Funding Foreplay Service

I start with a complete review of every possible detail of your strategies, tactics, action plan, and sales, marketing and business plan – along with your legally required fundraising documents – to make sure that everything for your capital raise is genuinely ready for prime time – before you pitch even the first prospective investor.

If these aren’t ready for prime time, I help you fix them.

I am there to help you through all 53 milestones to help you with your fundraising and to accelerate your path to success.

For more details on my Funding Foreplay Service, please click the book cover.

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Robert Lee Goodman, MBA
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PS: Be sure and check out my Funding Foreplay Service to make sure you are ready for the most important romance of your business life!