Starting a lawn care lawn mowing landscaping and snow removal business tips and guidelines part 2

Watch the whole video or dont watch it at all. This is very good tips that will get you far in the landscaping carrer. Stay determined and keep trying. Any q…
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  1. DannysCam
    DannysCam says:

    no i don’t work at the farm/body shop any more.. my land lord has a farm i
    get to drive his big big tractor when he goes out of town i feed his cows
    for him. now i work kinda at a park with 100 acres mostly i clean up the
    picnick places and weed eat and help out the other works.. to bad its only
    20 hours a week

  2. M322D
    M322D says:

    hey I was thinking about starting a buisness and I have a riding mower and
    I wa wondering if It is legal to drive it on the road I even made a homeade
    snowplow for the tractor so I can plow snow with it

  3. stlouissux9119
    stlouissux9119 says:

    Oh yeah I remember the vid “in the day of danny’s cam” working at that park
    still? Cleanin the bathrooms?

  4. rabia413
    rabia413 says:

    nice…i love the snow season….you have pretty low prices….i usually
    charge $30 to $35 per driveway walkways and salt included….is me and 2
    more helpers….2 33 inch blowers and 1 24 inch blower…36 driveways
    total…8 to 10 hours..all in the same town….cant wait for the snow but
    for now we are still stuck in fall cleanup….lol….5 stars

  5. stlouissux9119
    stlouissux9119 says:

    Yeah its a pretty good business. I just work residentially and have about
    10/week which is about 200/week which=’s 800/ month which brings in between
    2-4,000/year plus snow removal. Not too shabby for a kid.


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