Start a Landscaping Service Business

Starting a landscaping service business is one of the most lucrative business options around. It is not only a rewarding option, it is also one of the easiest businesses to start and be successful in. The business hardly requires any capital to be invested and does not involve any overhead costs too. So if landscaping interests you and you feel that you have the dynamism then do go ahead and give it a try.

The Concept

Starting a landscaping service business would require you to know the basics about gardening and landscaping. If you feel that you are not proficient enough with the basics then the best way to learn some more about the profession is to go through e-books on the Internet. Make sure that the book description tells you all about gardening, landscaping and interior scaping.

Once you have acquired the basics you would be ready to get started. At the starter level you would need to have a truck (to carry your equipment) and the tools that include watering cans, lawn mower, broom, rake and other assorted hand tools. If you are low on investment then rent the equipment and buy them later.

The main source of income for entrepreneur landscapers is from clean ups. Here you would be required to visit an overgrown landscape. Your job would be to clean the land of all overgrown plants and shrubs and get rid of the debris as well. The job pays quite well and hardly requires any labor. Start by taking up residential projects and move on to commercial ones later. Remain updated and have a proper understanding of the trade to gain enough profits.

Startup Cost

The startup cost of starting a landscaping service business is close to nil.

However you would require spending some amount on renting or buying the landscaping equipment. You would also need to have a business license from your city. So check all state and federal rules and have the requirements in place before you start.

If your business can afford to, do get an insurance cover before you start. If you cannot afford insurance at the first go then make sure that you get one as soon as possible.

Marketing Your Landscaping Service Business

The best way to market your landscaping business would be via word-of-mouth. You can also consider going door-to-door. Speak to interested neighbors and shopping mall owners. Both these methods of marketing your business are cheap but time consuming. However, they are also the best means to gain more clients in and around your home.

You can also consider flyers, newspaper advertisements and the Yellow pages. These methods are less time consuming and extremely effective. At the same time also try to use direct mail to weekly contact specific zip code zones.

To acquire commercial projects you would need to print advertisements in local business and monthly magazines. Make sure that the reader base for these magazines includes the upper income class of your city.

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