Speaking of Wu-Tang…

Speaking of Wu-Tang…
The weirdest marketing plan for music maybe ever. For starters, they're only going to print one copy of their new CD. read more… ( 14 comments). And then there were two… … kind of, sort of. It turns out that my worries that the left might be …
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Bootstrapping Your Way to Success With These 9 Tips
Make sure you have a plan for an extended period. 4. DIY but know when to ask the expert. … While in stealth mode, consider content marketing, such as a blog, to build your audience ahead of your product. It doesn't have to reveal what the product …
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Old buildings get new life in Bethlehem
Scarcia said the marketing plan for the project consisted of putting a small poster in the window. Now, all but one of the … 108. Follow him on Twitter @BrianLehigh and read his blog, “Can You Dig It,” at http://www.lvb.com/section/can-you-dig-it …
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