Sociale media: Redesignme over crowd sourcing

Sociale media: Redesignme over crowd sourcing

Dit filmpje geeft een korte introductie over crowd sourcing. Hierna verteld Maxim Schram van Redesignme over crowd sourcing en wat het voor zijn klanten betekend. is een van de plekken voor bedrijven om in contact te komen met creatieve geesten om originele, innovatieve ideeën te verzamelen voor nieuwe producten en diensten. Grote merken als Pickwick en Mora, maar ook tal van mkb-bedrijven gebruiken de website om ideeën te verzamelen voor nieuwe producten en diensten. Het helpt de bedrijven om buiten de kaders te denken en de dialoog aan te gaan met eindgebruikers. Dit met succesvollere producten en vernieuwende ontwerpen tot gevolg.
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In this video blog I talk about some of the feedback I’m getting from crowd sourcing my life online. I keep hearing… “you would be a great salesman or motivational speaker”, and I explain why I hate that idea. Please join the conversation with a comment or a video response. It may be featured in my next video. Facebook, Twitter: PaulRobinett
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    381MEDALLION says:

    great definition of sales people and motivatioanal ”guns for hire” speakers Renetto!! they don’t care about us,we are just money in the bank to them. i can’t think of anybody that loves used car sales men! the only motivation that lasts, is the kind that comes from within us anyway.

  2. ogier1
    ogier1 says:

    Many people think you would be a good salesman because you are very passionate and emotional. And sales is about playing with the emotions of the customers.
    When you are laughing about yourself in the middle of a serious video – not in this one – it comes across like you are playing with the emotions of the viewers and that your display of emotions is acted and not real.

  3. 522viper
    522viper says:

    Don’t let the world make you believe there isn’t a God. Those people on TV who claim they are Christians are not, those are the people who gives us a bad name. A real church doesn’t demand money, doesn’t judge others. Unfortunately, most churches are corrupt, but there are a select few that speak the truth.

    -God bless

  4. GORMLESSwonder
    GORMLESSwonder says:

    This video was the first of your recents that feels like a rouse, feels like another of your pet projects, I hope it’s not.

  5. FreidasGarden
    FreidasGarden says:

    Oh, by the way, Being overweight is something you can get over. Being insane stays with you forever! lol

  6. FreidasGarden
    FreidasGarden says:

    haha You are good! I know exactly what you are doing! Very entertaining! Maybe Tony Robbins can come hold your hand and cheer you up. Actually,I can’t stand motivational speakers either. It’s just a way to make money by selling their goods. I loved the fact the the famous Rev. Schuller’s Glass House came crashing down. He was such an ass. I mentioned I thought I’d see you at TED someday speaking in front of people and motivating people. Have you seen Mr. Deity’s channel? I love him!

  7. thenudo
    thenudo says:

    ppl missing the point. I’ll admit - I haven’t seen all of your videos since you came back. From what I get that you want feedback and commentary on the issue. A big ol LMAO to the manipulator comments. Though some that say your a salesman – I don’t think its personal – I think its fun to hear you talk about issues. And … FUN salesman .. are a rare commodity nowadays. Ya gotta admit!!

  8. periurban
    periurban says:

    I think you are a messianic charismatic fantasist and a great actor. I had no idea you were making videos again. I will check out some others, but I fear you will always be you, operating out of your bubble, filtering what you receive and what you give back without ever knowing you are filtering anything, thinking all the time that you are being honest and connecting to some kind of objective truth.

  9. 1013den
    1013den says:

    Sooooo, okay….. I’ve watched this video 3 times now. This was / is, the real you. No, you’re not a salesman. No, you’re not a motovational speaker. No, you’re not like so many of the other “youtubers”. I congratulate you, I shake your hand, and i call you friend, for being “real” here on Youtube. Don’t ever change that.

  10. TheYoooth
    TheYoooth says:

    I can’t believe this retard use to call himself the “king of youtube”, what a dumbass… not to mention he is a chronic liar.

  11. Napalmbl00t
    Napalmbl00t says:

    I sell a family product I’ve known all my life. I’m one of the few and proud manufacturers left in this country. However, it seems the end is near after being in business since 1974. I’m a man who sells a product I believe in so much my knuckles bled to get it to you. If this business is gone…I’m in your shoes with 3 young kids. Its nice to know others do have this struggle while reaching for their dreams.

  12. urihaynes
    urihaynes says:

    I’m praying for you, Paul. I have been where you are and He revealed Himself to me and showed me He was there all along. I pray He will do this for you. And I still want to meet you someday. I feel drawn to you, always have. I feel like we are kindred spirits.

  13. Cerebrocaust
    Cerebrocaust says:

    All communication is manipulative, at least to some degree. Whether we’re having a debate or telling a story or just saying hello, we influence the other person’s opinions of us and themselves, their worldview, and even their actions. You’re charismatic and that means you have a lot of power and you can’t necessarily control whether you’re using it or not. I don’t think you should be a motivational speaker, but if you aren’t using that power consciously, you won’t be in control of its effects.

  14. DiamondBoyNY
    DiamondBoyNY says:

    I think it’s important not to help motivate but enrich other peoples life’s. Just saying hello to someone can make they’re day a little better. Do what you can to leave this world a little better than the day you came in.

  15. deram
    deram says:

    I believe in the Christian values. They are my values. Do I think there is a god and his son walked on earth? Probably not.. but I still think that religion is very useful for people who cannot find the value to be good people within themselves.


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