Shide – Crowd Funding "The Director's cut"

Shide - Crowd Funding

And so…The director’s cut! Visit our Official website: IndieGoGo Campaign Page here: Visit our official Facebook page:

Everyone Funding Startups Podcast - Crowd-funding for Innovation

Learn more about GrowVC by visiting our website at: You can also look at this post related to this podcast on our blog at Or listen and download for free the full episode of this podcast on iTunes, at the link indicated below. — What’s most appealing about Grow VC, what is it that gets us out of bed in the mornings and how does the future look from our point of view? In this episode, our new team member from NY, Marc shares his take on what’s going on in the world and what potential is waiting to be unlocked with the Grow VC model. Member Highlight: Roozz​.com GrowVc and future of crowd funding. “Easily makes any software run in the browser”

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