Schools that cost money but produce unprepared graduates

Schools that cost money but produce unprepared graduates
Can you imagine any business that continues to fail and keep its management staff? At some point, we need to be honest and force the public teachers' union to accept reforms, such as giving parents more say in choosing a school. Otherwise, we are …
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This Bluetooth Buckle Adds Smart Functionality To Mechanical Watches
Be you blogger, journalist, tech writer, or commenter (both racist and otherwise), it's time to stop with the gratuitous overuse of "hacking." Existence …. But apparently one of their engineers still felt they could create something that left an even …
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What our moms think about video games
Now I think your job has changed a little bit in that it is more blog-like and you write about the immediate "happenings" in the video gaming industry through social-media. … Sometimes I play cards. I know how to play cards, that's a different kind …
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